Monday, December 31, 2007

You Know You're Getting Older When...

Was out with an old chum from high school last night.
We do this a few times a year, especially around the holidays, always ending up in the same geography we knew 25-30 yrs ago. Usually it's dinner, followed up with a browse through Border's, a car dealer, or a movie, and usually wrapping it up at Starbucks, or some other late night overpriced coffee house.
Basically, just two teenagers turned twenty-somethings, thirty-somethings, and now into our forties, doing the same 'hangin out' thing we've never stopped doing. The jokes are the same, but the conversation now tends more towards kids,wives, careers, money and "ooh,d'ja see that?" hot piece that just walked by. (OK, so maybe that hasn't changed much,either.)

This weekend, we found ourselves sipping Starbucks across the street from the former site of Mi Casita,a venue where some of the old hardcore bands used to play. Now there is a gas station in it's place.
"Hey, remember that place?"
There's a DVD out from last year. You seen it?
"Mi Casita?"
No. Punk.
"For reals?"
"With Mi Casita?"
No, but it features The Church pretty heavy.
"Is Ray in it?"
No,they don't hit all the bands. Just a few big ones. Black Flag is featured. 'member Des?
"No way! What's it got in it?"
It's like a documentary, tracing hardcore style from it's roots til it's end.
"Where's it say it started?"
L.A. and Hermosa, mostly.
"I gotta get that. Ha, we're like History."
Speak for yourself.

In the right place, during the right time, at the right age, I never thought we'd be History, let alone a subject for documentarians. And I never thought it was a 'movement'. Whatever it was, it was. It happened.
And it was fun.


Andy said...


BarnGoddess said...

Happy New Year!

it sounds like a good night out....those kinds of friends are the best kind.

Jade said...

:) Happy New Year Gino!

Sounds like a good time. My friends and I are the same way when we get together... the conversation has changed mostly to "adult" stuff, with the occasional drop back to "OmiGodheissocute!" speak.

Uncle Ben said...

Hmm, those names ring bells, but they were a few years after the fact and it was the skateboarders who had them scrawled on their notebooks (along with the Dead Kennedys, Sex Pistols, et al...) I was always curious about those kinds of bands since they didn't get much (any) airplay. By the time Napster rolled around I'd forgotten about the curiosity. One day!

Happy New Year's!

Gino said...

ben: mostly it's the violence that got headlines, after the music became popular with the 'in' crowd. by then,the jocks would show up just to start fights.

it wasnt always that way. the wild mayhem (so it was called) was closer to an expression of joy and tribalistic union among the show-goers.
think about it: you dont jump off a stage into a crowd of enemies out to hurt you, but into a throng of friends who will catch you. (of course, being stoned didnt hurt.)

i've never felt safer among strangers than i did then.