Saturday, February 09, 2008

Their Camelot Is More Like Calcutta

Much ado is being made of the 'new' JFK people are seeing in the Obama Man. From my perspective, the Democrat's search for a return to the media-created Camelot (that never existed outside of imaginations of the duped) is destined to fail.
Obama Man has nothing to offer but beautiful words, nice platitudes, and warmed-over sixties ideas that have produced only failure in every place they've been tried.
Get real,Democrats.
One year in the senate?
If this were anybody else he would have been laughed off the caucus stage in Iowa.

I realize that the Obama Man fetish, and it is a fetish, is not the real problem with the most intellectually bankrupt political party I will see in my lifetime. The real problem is that this party is woefully short of new ideas (zero).
There is no debate among these folks. It's all lockstep automatons, taking the same positions, kissing the same special-interest asses, and has lost touch with the very foundational ideas that has given rise to it's successes in the past.
Used to be the Democrats were the party of the working man. The blue-collar guy. They provided such programs as Social Security and Medicare, which gave illeducated working folks a shot at a golden years void of starvation, protections for unions and collective bargaining units.
It ain't that way no more.
The Democrats have become the party of the non-working man. They have no solutions to solve anything. Won't touch any attempt to remake Social Security and Medicare, which are both going broke and threaten the very people who were led to believe they could rely on it to be there when the time comes.
They reject all attempts to solve the education problems that keep the inner-city mired in poverty.
They tax the ass off anything that moves,and support the asses that dont move.
They solve nothing.

This is where Obama Man comes in. He talks good. Makes them feel good. Tells them the same failed policies will work this time because, well, they feel good about them.
The problem really isn't Obama Man. He's a sympton of a failed idealogy. This is what happens when everybody in the party is saying the same thing, when debate doesn't exist, when new ideas or solutions are hysterically shouted down, and all that is left is presentation.
The Democrats have been drinking the same Kool-Aid for so long, they can't see that the only difference is the flavor.


BarnGoddess said...

I cannot jump on that bandwagon. Nope, I do NOT like Obama. I think he has no business running our country and it has nothing to do w/ his color.

Oprah endorsed or NOT, he is not the one to be in the White House.

Guitarman said...

Touche! I've never heard anyone put it as succinctly as you just did here! Great Post. A+

Tracy said...

Obama was just in Seattle. I didn't go see him but instead I stayed home and read a book...and it wasn't The Audacity of Hope.

Kris said...

However right you are, Gino, I fear we will have a Jackass in the White House next year.

We would even if it were McCain.

Brian said...

OK, I'll play the lone dissenter here.

1) Obama is getting better economic advice than Clinton or McCain (google Austin Goolsbee). This is really my most important point, the rest are almost incidental.

2) His health plan is not coercive; Clinton's is.

3) Clinton's record on foreign policy is closer to McCain's than Obama's (I realize that might no be a selling point in favor of Obama to some, but to me it is).

4) Obama hasn't lost his mind with regard to the economic and sociological realities of immigration (perhaps being a first-generation American himself has something to do with this.)

5) A lack of prolonged tenure in Washington is frankly a plus in my book.

None of this is to say that Obama is our Savior and everything will be just peachy when we elect him; but among the likely alternatives I don't think it's even close.

Gino said...

4)as a first generation American, I'd say my views have just as much cred as obama's.

Brian said...


But you aren't running for president.

Mark said...

But maybe you should, Gino. I'd vote for your before I'd vote for Mr. Obama, even if you bash my poor widdle Republicans....

Jade said...

"They tax the ass off anything that moves,and support the asses that don't move." - I love that quote. :)

Personally I'm voting Picard/Riker

Gino said...

who's richard piker, er.. picard riker