Saturday, February 09, 2008

Their Own Worse Enemy

Oh, the gnashing of teeth and all around belly-aching coming from the conservative wing of the republican party. Really, I don't get it.
John McCain, known for crossing the aisle and compromising conservative principles, is now poised to become the party's standard bearer. Yeah, the same party that routinely crosses the aisle and compromises conservative principles will now have one of it's own in the lead role.
I think it's fitting, and not at all surprising.
You see, the GOP has a cancer of it own. A cancer of disbelief.
They talk one way, and walk another.
And when their dupes voters complain, they always say we need to elect more Republicans to roll back government. What? A ten-year majority isn't enough? In ten years, not one piddly little agency was eliminated. No programs rolled back.
The very least you could have done was eliminate that stoogery called The Surgeon General. Maybe it could serve as a warm-up to tossing the Department of Education. Remember Ronald Reagan, who you all want to be like, ran on that platform?
Government is bigger, more intrusive than ever.
And the party of limited government and constitutional principles has shredded it's small government platform, and pissed all over the constitution.
And now, they're upset because a true conservative won't lead the party.
Apparently, it never occurred to them to vote for one first.
Or at least become hospitable to them.
Hey Republicans, you had two solid,bold,dedicated, though very different, conservatives in the race: Duncan Hunter, whom you ignored.
And Ron Paul, whom you ridiculed.
Instead, you broke down into your various tribes.
Jesus-wingers for Huckabee.
Jack-Booters for Guiliani.
Wall Streeters for Romney.
Did anybody remember to wake up Fred Thompson?
To be fair, I really don't blame Fred for ditching you guys to stay home with his trophy wife. The way you so eagerly throw each other under the bus at the first whiff of a possible scandal doesn't leave too many true conservatives left to fight for the cause, while your opposition continues to field power barons named Kennedy,Frank, Clinton, Jefferson et al...
Seriously, who would even want to be a Republican standard bearer after seeing all this?

I suspect, what really frosts you, is not so much that a compromising McCain won. It's just that your own compromiser lost.
The Democrats are intellectually dead. Can't expect much from them.
But you Republicans have lost your soul.
You don't believe in your own conservative faith. If you did, you wouldn't be selling out as a matter of course, or re-electing those that do.


Strolling Amok said...

It happens to any party any where that stays in power long enough - power corrupts. They'll spend some time in the wilderness and eventually reform as they did before with Buckley, Goldwater and eventually Reagan. In the meantime I'm going to enjoy my side getting its turn at the wheel.

Palm boy said...

Your assesment is right on target.