Friday, February 15, 2008

Trust Not, And Verify

Last year, The Blonde and I had a situation of... let's just say some serious "communication" issues over a course of hours, and resultingly hadn't spoken for about ten days by the time Feburary 14th had arrived.
Being the great,wonderful catch of a man that I am, I dutifully ordered the required Valentine's Day arrangement of two dozen roses(though I'm personally frugal, I am not cheap) delivered, of course, to the office, so all the other gossipy wenches could eat their jealous, miserable hearts out.

The Day came.
The Day went.
Not a call back from The Blonde with so much as a 'Thank You,Honey'
OK, so she's really pissed. To hell with her. I'm done with it.

Two days later the phone rings and it's the flower people. My order never got delivered . After voicing their heartfelt regrets, they offered to refund my money, and still deliver the flowers as promised. Well, OK, I took the freebie.
The next day, The Blonde called wanting to know who died.
Yeah, she got flowers, but not the flowers I ordered and (kinda) paid for. Instead, she got something like this. And not a rose on it.

This year, I decide to try a different set of flower people. The order:four dozen carnations.
The result: The Blonde calls, gushing about the beautiful flowers and thank you very much, and nobody else in the office got shit.
"Your welcome,Baby. Can you count them for me?"

As it turns out, only twenty-three carnations. Not even half the order!
I'm pissed.

Next time, I'm going to buy the damn things in person and deliver them myself.But right now, I got a phone call to make, and a refund to demand.


BarnGoddess said...

omg! that is awful!
Ihope you let them KNOW about their screw up.

my husband has only sent me roses to work once, he always used to send me plants because that is what I prefer....Im weird

kingdavid said...

Next time just send her some meat. Maybe something big, Italian, and garlicy.

(OK, the floors open for all your jokes)

Strolling Amok said...

I wish I'd thought of sending my ex one of those sympathy bouquets for Valentines Day. Somehow I don't think she would have appreciated the thought though.

Mick said...

or you could just show up at her work dressed as cupid next year.

kr said...

I like Mick's idea ;).

Man, that SUX, and two years running???

Well, I hope she appreciates the thought. Nice playing the office-gossip card. (There's a movement afoot in America to get women to consciously stop undercutting each other--but then you'd get the genuine-happiness-for-her bonus, I guess, so it would still play well.)

(Kids have been sick, sorry I haven't 'been around much.)

Jade said...

Seems like everyone I talk to had a rather bummer of a Valentine's day this year.
The flowers are a lovely gesture... at least some of them made it this time?

Guitarman said...

Hey Gino, Ya oughta try Sams, 24 roses for $27.00. I went cheap though and got 46 pink carnations for $6.00. You buy milk, frozen pizza, grab your flowers, and she smiles all week.

Vanesa Littlecrow W. said...

Forget flowers. Day spa gift certificates!