Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Because Honesty Can Sometimes Suck...

...that which I spent three days writing pontificating about will not be published. As it went,fact checking had left me with a bunch of 'facts' that cannot be proven (nor disproven).

So, yeah. My I-don't-know-how-many carefully chosen words have just been eaten by the delete button.

I just can't (adequately enough) defend it, and when I can, I try to avoid talking points or parroting.
There's enough of that shit floating around as it is.

As my readership is quite tiny, I may have gotten away with it, but what would have been gained?

We all need to just face it: what is said on blogs,in bars, or anywhere else in regards to politics is really just wasted air.
No matter who wins, the future course of civilization, or our own small portion of it, is bigger than any one man,any one party, or any one ideology, to effectively overcome the myriad various forces that will shape it.

Trading in lies and bullshit is the realm of the office seeker seeking to improve his own status, wealth, or dating prospects. I'll let them have it.
'America First'. 'Hope and Change'. 'New and Improved'. Whathefuckever...

Don't misunderstand me, as I'm not staking claim to being something that I am not.
Admittedly, I'm as guilty as anybody when it comes to shilling for my own set of ideals, or championing my own, usually correct, bias'.
But I can admit to myself: I honestly do not believe that I am big enough to change anybody's mind.
If I had this power, instead of blogging I'd be spending my time in sales or inventing a new religion, while doing for myself some increased monetary good (and/or expanding my own dating prospects).

So why do I bother dipping my foot into the fetid well of politics?
It's because I enjoy the discussion. I have fun debating the ideas. And despite my generally real-life anti-social attitude, I genuinely like folks on an individual level.
And I don't care what their background is,what their beliefs are, what their lifestyle is, or if they wrongly disagree with me.

It doesn't need to be personal.

I'm sayin... no... now I'm screaming, 'Look at that shit!', two stupid fucks from the land of crooked teeth no less, yes two of them, who are so far removed from what is happening that they haven't a godamned clue what hell they are on opposite sides of.

Is it really worth it?
Is it really fucking worth it?


Jade said...

I had a discussion with a good friend of mine about our own real-life anti-social attitudes. We found it ironic that we consider ourselves anti-social, and yet we spend so much time chatting and blogging.

We've decided we are not "anti-social", but rather... "selectively-social". I think you fall into that category as well.

Politics is so nasty... I've been watching the negative ads attacking the candidates for Governor here in Washington grow to the point that they have taken over prime-time commercial slots... I'm offended at their use of scare tactics, (even if I agree with the end position... there has *got* to be a better means for getting the message out) I tend to avoid bringing up politics because of the derisive nature of it, but I will gladly enter into a discussion that someone else starts. I find it absolutely fascinating to hear what other people think, and why they think it.

That's why I like reading your blog. :) (and I wish I knew what you had been pontificating about for the last three days)

Mark Heuring said...

The nasty stuff isn't worth it. No doubt about it.

RW said...

Sheeesh. Yeah that was a little over the top. But hardly surprising. I myself, though, would never resort to gunning someone down if i didn't like their t-shirt. But I do have a short list of people I'd like to see die in a fire.

Jade said...

...and now that I've had time to go and read the article you linked to (and I see the point of the post)

Wow... I thought the attack ads alone were bad enough... but this sort of points to where those attack ads lead - fueling the angry-mob mentality just gets people hurt.

barngoddess said...

yep-I can relate to that good or bad?????

Gino said...

jade: thats it. selectivly social, i'll accept that.

Patricia said...

People should read this.