Thursday, October 02, 2008

Today's Self-Loathing Bag Of Pus... none other than feminist,lesbian Obama-loving comedienne Sandra Bernhard demonstrating for us, once again, what a compassionate and loving people they are on the left.

In her opening monologue at some garbage theater in D.C., the hit-with-the-ugly-stick performer gushed that if Sarah Palin should come to her hometown in Manhattan she would be fittingly raped by a bunch of Negroes.

Now she's playing the "I didn't say that" game.
Yes, I saw the video. And she did say that.

She's now been (rightfully) dropped as keynote speaker for a women's shelter benefit this month.

She can pass this disgusting bile off as performance art all she wants. Obviously, there's a market for it among the same segment of the population that supports Obama. But her having access to a microphone doesn't make her an artist any more than having a blog makes a me writer.

This is just a symptom, of course, of some larger disease that infects our political and cultural discourse.
It's not enough for the left to disagree and debate their differences.
It has to be taken to another level of over-the-top hatred.
It's all personal for them.

Unless you see the world through their distorted prism, you are not worth the same basic dignities that they demand for themselves.
They trade in hate.

It must be a sad, pathetic existence.


Bike Bubba said...

You know, I think that she scored a "hat trick" there--she showed disdain for women by commending gang rape, showed bigotry against blacks by suggesting that it would probably happen whenever Palin visits Manhattan, and then showed contempt of everyone when she said she hadn't already put the puck in her own team's net twice.

And then she shows contempt for lesbian Obama supporters by saying she's one of them, too. What a gal.

Brian said...

You don't seriously think "the left" has a monopoly on over-the-top, personal hatred do you?

Kristopher said...


The left may not have a monopoly, but they definitely own the corner market.

There aren't that many big time celebrities out there saying that if Obama were the POTUS, the chefs will be making fried chicken and watermelon. There aren't any celebrities out there saying Obama will give more government cheese to his consituents if he's elected.

No, the right isn't necessarily above the antics of these worthless wastes of semen. I'm definitely not above it. I hate liberals with every fiber of my being.

However, the reason why the right doesn't do it to the extent these people do is because we get called on the carpet for much less. The only people saying a damn thing about Sandra Berhard are people who can get on youtube.

Gino said...

monopoly is not my word.
but, it easy to see they've cornered the market in the past generation.

Brian said...

"The only people saying a damn thing about Sandra Berhard are people who can get on youtube."

No, the only people who give a damn are the ones who look for the most odious extremes of the "other" and try to puff them up as representative of the whole. It's a silly game and anyone can play it. Doesn't matter what your ideological preferences happen to be.

"Some of the other team are assholes" is a weak argument, and I'm calling Gino out on it because I know he can do better... :)

Kristopher said...

"No, the only people who give a damn are the ones who look for the most odious extremes of the "other" and try to puff them up as representative of the whole. It's a silly game and anyone can play it. Doesn't matter what your ideological preferences happen to be."

Wow! Simply wow! Obviously you haven't heard some of your other liberal icons who have had something to say about Sarah Palin.

Let's see, off the top of my head:

Matt Damon and his bad Disney movie statement.

Some cunt said the only qualification Sarah has is she hasn't had an abortion.

Charles Rangel calls her disabled.

Is there much of anything said when this happens? Nope.

Some dipshit Republican calls some dude Micaca and it's all over the place; even by Fox News!

You can try, but you'll lose.

Brian said...

kristopher, you've missed my point entirely, but that is your right as an American.

Kristopher said...

If I missed your point, maybe you can reiterate it for me. Being that I'm an American and all, I might not be able to understand you.

Jade said...

Gino -
For many on the left it *is* enough to disagree and debate our differences.

Sandra Bernhard is not a representative of the Left - she's a loud and foul mouthed comedian who is no better than a run of the mill shock jock... trying to beg and plead for attention from audiences by spewing as many 4-letter words in a monologue she can, without really saying anything.

There are a lot of celebrities and politicians voicing their opinions about both sides.
Kristopher, bringing up George Allen in this is comparing apples to oranges.

George Allen is a politician who used a phrase he apparently didn't realize was a racial slur during a campaign stop - yeah... the news is going to jump all over that. A comedian spewing a string of threats and insults at a politician - in comparison - is not a particularly big news story to begin with... but add to that the source being Sandra Bernhard...'s just not a surprise, so nobody is paying attention.

Brian said...


Well, for starters, you've got me pegged as an agent of the left ("your other liberal icons", etc.) which is simply not true, though I suppose you shouldn't take my word for it.

My point was that setting up Sandra Berhardt (or whomever) as a sort of straw man cum ad hominem is a pretty lazy argument that could just as easily be turned around.

Do I have an example of such an argument in the other direction, among celebrities? No, I do not, mostly because I am really uninterested in what the vast majority of them have to say. But I'm not really talking about celebrities here, I'm talking about everybody. There is no shortage of pointlessly poisonous rhetoric flying around in what passes for political discourse these days, in all directions. There is nothing inherently "hateful" about being a liberal or a conservative or an anarchist or a populist or a lesbian Unitarian. And it's just silly to point out an (ultimately irrelevant) example of someone on whichever side you can't stand talking out of their ass as somehow encapsulating the attitude of all with whom you disagree.

BTW, don't take the American part so seriously...some of my best frie...oh, never mind...

Gino said...

brian: since you admittedly are not paying much attention, just take my word for it: the lion's share of the hatefulness is from the left. a feminist suggesting an interacial gangrape as a way to punish somebody's religious commitement to unborn life?
it's not that she said it as much as it is that she felt it acceptable within her political circle to spew in this manner.
even racists wont say 'nigger' unless they're comfortably among their own.

i'm grabbing bernhardt out of the dung pile because she was convenient on this day.
and also because i really wanted to use the phrases 'hit with the ugly stick' and 'bag of pus' in the same post.

but saying 'the right does it too' doesnt meet the comparison. unless you can really think bush is equal to hitler.

kris: brian is NOT of the left. he's an honest libertarian who just enjoys their company on occasion.

Jade:that is one of the reasons why i respect you so highly. i can be wrong, and you dont need to convince yourself that i'm morally flawed for disagreeing with you.
that, and you can tell when i'm being over the top for the sake of effect.

Mark Heuring said...

Tell ya what, Brian - I'll stipulate that there are incoherent haters on the Right. The subject here is the lovely and talented Sandra Bernhard, who had been on a glide path to obscurity since her 15 minutes ended around 1985 or so.

Here's the crucial distinction: on the Right, we police our own. William F. Buckley began this practice with the Birchers back in the early days of National Review and we've been remarkably consistent about chasing the anti-Semites, the racists and the tinfoil hatters out of our party ever since. When prominent (and even not-so-prominent) people on the right are revealed as haters, they don't last. Buckley peronally drove out his protege Joe Sobran in the late 1980s after it became clear that Sobran was anti-Semitic. George Allen wasn't even being racist and he's now in nowheresville.

All you have to do is watch the Left in action to see the mob mentality, the groupthink and the hatefulness on display. We saw it in action here in Minnesota during the RNC. Did you see any right wing nuts trying to shout down Obama in Denver. We had Code Pinkers breaking into the hall to shut down McCain repeatedly. We had people smashing windows, dropping stuff from overpasses onto buses. It was unhinged.

Gino is right - it's a sad, pathetic existence that a lot of these people lead. And it's been getting worse over the years. If Obama wins the election and then screws the pooch as President (which is the way to bet), it's going to get uglier still.

BTW Gino, you are a much better writer and thinker than you believe yourself to be. And you're funnier than Sandra Bernhard without even trying.

kingdavid said...

Sandra Bernhard, Rosie O'Donnell, Al Franken, Kathy Griffin......

Do they have a leftist school out there that trains extremely untalented and unfunny comedians, then helps find them jobs at places like SNL and public radio.

I also appreciate your writing style Gino. There's the Dr.Evil style of writing, "begin the unnecessarily slow-moving dipping mechanism." Then there's the Scott method: "I have a gun, in my room, you give me five seconds, I'll get it, I'll come back down here, BOOM, I'll blow their brains out!"

Your of the Scott school of writing.

kr said...

A relatively short ;) comment from the Dr Evil College of Rant (we prefer to consider ourselves over-enthusiastic social surgeons, not rhetorical hacks, please ... and of course I recognize your right to fast-forward ;) ).

Gino, I agree.

I recently chastised a "liberal" friend who stunningly assumed I would see that it was obvious (and funny) that Gov Palin deserved to be disregarded as a candidate for VP because she had made thinking decisions in a crisis pregnancy moment.

He forwarded a tidy, formal-looking flowchart that was well written and sounded educated (if someone has never done any actual thinking about birth issues). Probably the work of a savvy college sophomore. Not pertinent, frankly vicious to someone in a potentially vulnerable situation, and using societal prejudice to dismiss the undesirable. A trifecta of my experience of American "liberal" humor.

Gov. Palin had an amnio-leak at 7-1/2 months with a known Down-Syndrome baby. She finished her keynote address at a conference in Texas, and flew home to Alaska, with a stop in Seattle, before she entered formal medical care. (Article linked below.)

That's of course not how the piece of "humor" stated it. That piece of well-designed "humor" played a standard American fear of birth ...

('dear [god/dess], why didn't she freak out and go to the nearest hospital???' Um, I can tell you about 50 reasons off the top of my head, and most of them are straight-up science, and I object to your implication that the 'proper' thing for a woman to do, in any situation but especially a birth situation, is to freak out)

... played it straight into an assertion that--and although I am going to remove all its cover of respectability by restating its _meaning_ instead of its clever, nasty prose, I kid you not, this was the "punchline"--an assertion that Sarah Palin has an abnormally strong (ie, weird: watch out for the weirdo!) VAGINA. Which was not only completely unrelated to the "evidence" that by implication "logically lead up to it" in the "joke," but ... _unspeakable_ as a _measure_ of a candidate. WHAT. THE. HELL?!?? Her _vagina_ is weird, don't vote for her??????

(My initial reaction was WAY more colorful. I'm a couple of weeks out, now.)

So: she thinks for herself, trusts her (well-earned) experience, checks with her chosen advisor (who also thinks instead of fearing--a good choice), stands by her values (both socially, at the energy conference, and personally, in consciously choosing the care for her unborn child), and completes important work under stress ... instead of panicking, unnecessarily abandoning her work, and trusting in the Magickal Medical System to Solve All Her Problems.

Pff. How exactly was this supposed to convince me she's a ridiculous candidate? I think it is a fabulous recommendation. The vagina assertion is pure ridiculousness--but I'm disturbed by the implication that strength is an undesirable trait in a woman. I wasn't terribly pro- or anti-Palin when I received this email ... but I am trending pro- as a result. (I would ask about her decision to induce/to accept induction ... but it wouldn't rule out voting for her.)

Now, I heard some prejudiced crap about Obama (and was amazed to hear a few people say, "but that wasn't racist," to things that were)--but I didn't see happily passed around by otherwise thinking "conservatives" any implications about his genitalia, nor did I hear of anyone doing that in the news ... and I think we all have to admit that in our society, with our society's particular bents and history, that fact stands out. Even a whiff would have made the news somewhere.

I am relieved by that. Yay, America/white people/"conservatives"!

But what the hell??? from my friend???

(This election has proven an interesting measure of how far we have/haven't come on equality issues and accepted prejudices.)

Now (to return to the email), my computer was dead for a while, and then I had to take a day before replying so I didn't simply rip my friend's head off (he is an old friend, and not usually so stupid) ... so I was several days late in my reply. He had emailed several other people with me, most (all?) of them more reliably "liberal" than I, including one mutual friend with a Feminist DEGREE.

My news that the "humor" was 100% anti-woman apparently came as a shocker to him. Out of nowhere. His innocent, funny, obviously acceptable email, SO acceptable that he emailed it to his not-reliably-"liberal" friend (me), was based on societal prejudices too deep from him to see. _Days_ later(!).

Which means: his wife, our friend The Feminist, and all actual "liberals" on his email list either didn't _see_ the disgusting anti-woman bent of the "humor," or didn't find it convenient to publicly refute an attack on being a strong, thinking female as long as it took down Gov. Palin. Or of course they didn't want to "hurt" the sender.

Bullshit. Leaving someone with a pernicious, contagious infection they think is normal and healthy because it will "hurt" them to tell them they are sick and they need to get better? That "helps" them (and everyone else) exactly how??

And yes, Gino, I did tell him he was a moral dumbshit in his choice to send that out. But I didn't think he's morally inferior to me as a person--just that he needs to get his head out of his ass on this. Only after a person chooses not to take their head out of their ass when presented with Reality, does the question of moral inferiority come into play.

My friend apologized, because I was right.

Too bad that vicious ball of sliminess is (presumably) circling the internet, though. (I wish he had made his admission of error at least as public as his error, to give it some chance of catching up to the error--and kicking other unthinking acceptors in the ass. But, although I'm working on it, my record is not 100% on public admission of error, either. I'm operating on the "remove the board from thine own eye" clause, not taking him down for that lack, and that also held my hand on the reply-all temptation.)


An article about the actual situation:

(I can't believe the 'counterpoint' OB actually described themself as having authority because they use "doctor speak." For schnizzle. "Doctor speak." In the actual quote. Dear God. He/she isn't even espousing current standard medical practice, let alone actual physical reality or intelligent thought. And I love that they felt the need to point out they were part of a national OB organization, like that gave validity to "doctor speak.")

(From the comments, apparently there has indeed been some media coverage espousing the "Palin was stupid" argument. I'm not going to bother reading it. I've had an amnio leak, and I've done the research. If the baby keeps moving well and not much fluid was lost, any OB who tells you to panic is a closeminded, fear-mongering hack, even if they don't know that about themselves.)

kr said...

PS Gino, you can let me know if you are happy to see me back ... my computer died, and it took me a month and a half to make sure I had the funds to replace it ... if my absence felt like a relief, feel free to tell me, I will honor that. I know I'm not the easiest friend to have around (witness the above).

I hope your health is trending up : (.

God bless.

Kristopher said...


Your 1st post is awesome. I did fast foward a bit once I got the jist.

It's more proof positive that liberalism is truly a mental disorder.

RW said...

I never thought Sandra Bernhard was ever funny or talented or anything. in fact I've always felt she was a waste of pussy. But, it must be said, this post is a logical fallacy. I mean, honestly.

Gino said...

kr: its always good to see you. i thought i told you that.

rw: bah!

Vanesa Littlecrow W. said...

That has-been is still around?

kr said...

kris--not that you are probably checking back this far, but thanks :).

Gino--thanks also :). You've told me, but sometimes I'm bitchier (or more insecure) than other times and I just wanted to check.

oh, and just so you know, Gino, I'm super(!) busy this year, so way less blog-time ... (mounting a revolution from the inside, woo hoo :)! I'm on the Board of my kids' new charter school)

have a great time on your hunt ...