Sunday, October 26, 2008

Some Guys Have All The Luck

And some are as lucky as it gets.
I'm speaking, of course, of John McCain.
It still appears to be seen if he can pull it off, but for a guy who's political career was left for dead just one year ago, who won his party's nomination on a fluke, and who had no realistic chance of winning this, his last fight, to be this close to pulling it out of his hat, has got to be the greatest political self-resurrection since Nixon.

It can really happen. Obama, showered with never-before-seen quantities of both money and fawning media, is having big issues closing the deal. As the newly ordained patriarch of the new religion, he is still leaving behind way too many in the category of undecided agnostics.
By rights, he should be polling in the 60's by now, not floating around somewhere in the high 40's.

That said, you GOP readers are not going to be happy with a McCain presidency. I'm willing to predict, that should it come to that, you will see an ideological repeat of the 1990's and the Clinton years.

You gotta remember who we are talking about here. John McCain is a politician without an ideological compass. He has no true values. Knows no sacred ground upon which to fight, or fight for.
His one over reaching passion is political expediency. His is the career built upon the bloodied carcasses of GOP bodies thrown under the bus of the so-called Straight Talk Express. This is a man who screws over the members of his own party while living on the other side of the aisle, suckling off the teet of an anti-GOP media establishment.
Be careful what you wish for: A McCain presidency will see more of the same.

And now let me share this little snippet (h/t to RW) of the real John McCain:Link

For those of you who didn't click the link, that was John McCain doing what John McCain does: disrespecting his own.
You'd think a man who built his career as a POW, five years in the Hanoi Hilton, who can't stop waving the flag and 'fighting for veterans' and all that, has done everything he can to stonewall any investigations into his fellow POWs who remain unaccounted for.
The one man in the Senate who should have the moral authority to call for as full an accounting as possible has done the opposite.Where I come from, we call that a Buddy Fucker.

Here. Don't believe me? Catch a load of this testimony form the folks who know better.

He's hiding something. What is it? Why would he do this?

To my conservative readership: John McCain is not your friend. And you don't want him for one. You see, we already have plenty of evidence as to how McCain treats his friends and his band of brothers.
You will be next.
Count on it.

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Anonymous said...

McCain is not my friend. Sarah Palin is basically just smoking hot and I would love to see her eyes looking up at me. I'd throw a hump on her in front of my wife.

But, I do think Obama is really dangerous. I like my guns too much to let him in.


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