Monday, October 13, 2008


I cannot resist any request or demand Jade makes of me. She's just one of those friends you don't say "No" to. And "Maybe" invariably always means "Yes". It's just that way.
As it goes, Jade has tagged me with a "Seven Interesting Things About Me" meme.
Here they are:

1.I just recently learned how to use the 'paint' program. Noted those circles in my MRI pics? Yep! I did that. Seriously. I did. I really did. As recently as last week, I could not have made such a claim. Well, I guess I could have. No,I know I could have. I can claim anything I want. It just wouldn't have been true, is all.

2.I've bragged, for the past few years at least, that I was going to the last man standing. Absolutely, I was never,ever going to sink so low as to jump on the cell-phone-fetish bandwagon. I've gone 44 years without feeling the need to communicate everywhere I was, at all times of the day, no matter what else I was doing. The next 44 years were not going to be any different. Life, and technology, on my own terms,at my own pace meant bliss. ("where's Gino?" "Dunno,cant reach him." hehehe.)

Well, now I have a confession to make. When my sis died, my dad handed me her cell (on his family plan) so he can feel the comfort of hearing my voice any time he needed to. The past several months have been spent beating back Dad's attempt to more readily socialize me. I've hesitantly used the phone to call him, and for him to call me, and left it at that.
Two weeks ago I was playing around, and figured out how to send text and picture messages. It all started by me pixing evidence of my beer consumption to my buddy.(I'm off work on disability. He's jealous.) Buddy responded with a rude gesture, and we are now in a sophomoric competition to see who can top who in rudeness. This is getting crazily strange. I gotta walk the dog in a bit, and I'm bringing the phone with me.

I'm finding the cell phone can be kinda fun in a dark and twisted sort of way.

3. I still do will not have a tattoo.

4. Nor an ipod.

5. I haven't carried a wallet in 23 years. It's unlikely that I ever will, and I can't for the life of me understand why every other dude thinks he needs one. Am I the only one to discover that I.D., money card, and cash all fit nicely in the front pocket of my jeans without that bulge sticking out of my ass?

6. Just because I currently share my life with a dog, courtesy of The Blonde, doesn't mean I like it. I DO NOT LIKE DOGS. I don't want one in my house. And I can't wait for this one to die. Preferably soon.

7. I'm still having way too much fun with the cell phone camera. Somebody needs to stop me.


tully said...

I'm coming around to the same epiphany about wallets.

Thanks for opening your heart to us, Gino! I feel as close to you as a somewhat distant relative.

Jade said...

I would never demand... but that might be because I know I don't have to.
*evil grin*
1. Paint programs are SUPER fun to play with.
2. I resisted using cell phone cameras for a very... very long time... because I'm a photo snob. Then I discovered how convenient it is to get a quick snapshot of something funny (like a sign in a bathroom that has been altered from "baby changing station" to "baby hanging station"... or the cover of menus that say "You could give up chocolate, but you're no quitter!" or to show the world what grocery store shelves look like from your point of view)
I have gotten into sophomoric contests with people via text messages... but this photo thing sounds like a new level of dark and twisted humor to be exploited.

4. Why no ipod?

Thank you for doing the meme :)

Hammerswing75 said...

Yeah, that was fun. I know what you mean about the wallet tumor on the butt, but I stick with it as an organizational aid. On the other hand, I do go through it regularly to keep it as slim as possible.

Vanesa Littlecrow W. said...

I had a similar experience with the cell phone camera. Except, I blog excessively with it.