Thursday, October 16, 2008


He's the latest talk,now.

Some uppity commoner has the nerve to approach The Anointed One and question his policies.

Now, Joe the Plumber is being slimed: Did you know he's not licensed? Therefore, he's not really a plumber? And his name is really 'Sam'? He's a fake. A hypocrite. A moron. He's unsophisticated.
(And we'll soon know if he's ever had a DUI or bounced a check,as well)

How dare that blue-collar, unwashed piece of common American shit even deign to discuss policy matters with the The One. To dare approach Him. To even (gasp) look Him in the eye.

Doesn't he know The One is better than he? His role out there on that street among his fellow unwashed masses was to pay homage to The One. To beg salvation and deliverance from capitalistic greed. Beg for a handout. Kiss his ring.
Not challenge Him.

I call bullshit.

It's surreal and hypocritical, if you ask me, to talk about the common man, champion the blue collar dude, expect his vote, walk the streets among the public because it looks cool for the cameras...

And then, when one of them becomes inconvenient, write him off as a bozo, a redneck, a moron,etc.
And then send your monkeys out there to dig through his personal business to impugn his credibility, all because you opened yourself up to a challenge, and the blue collar dude made you look like the two-bit, socialistic, grievance monger you really are.
You argued with the 'retard', and the retard won.

From my chair, the sweaty guy in the t-shirt and jeans casts a bigger shadow than the coiffed asshole in the pressed shirt and tie.

We all don't really know that much about 'Joe'. And Joe admittedly doesn't know much more than claims. And he's stated he has no interest in political office. He just wants to be a plumber, to make a living, and achieve his slice of the pie the old fashioned way.

But I'm willing to bet he's never spent 20yrs worshipping before an angry vestment-clad nigger screaming 'God Damn America' while donating $20,000 to his 'Hate Whitey' ministry.

And he knows a shit clog when he sees it. Like when he confronted a self-righteous uppity piece of shit clogging the street in his neighborhood.

Joe is an American, with a whole lot more in common, socially/politically/culturally with any of you reading this than either of the two elitists kissing our collective ass, rolling up their sleeves and mispronouncing 'economy' to pass off as one of us.

And when the elites attack and slime Joe, they show their true disdain for the rest of us.

Joe may not be ready to run for the White House.
And he's probabbly too honest to take the job.
But I'm willing to bet he has a bit more real world common sense, and a whole lot more integrity, than the next person who lives there.

Now The One feels it personally necessary to dis plumbers in general

I sure hope he can't find one when one of his daughters flushes a tampon.


Vanesa Littlecrow W. said...

I really hope Obama loses over a fucking plumber. That would make my life happier. Not that McCain winning is really that much of a celebratory event. :/

RW said...

I would prefer my politicians not patronize me like this at all. I expect my leaders to be a little more than plumbers and MILFs. Especially ones still fighting the Cold War are too stupid to realize they're already IN a socialist state.

Bike Bubba said...

Personally, I think Obama is just jealous, because this plumber has managed to save money and get ahead on a plumber's income, and he wasn't able to save anything until his income got into seven figures.

Joe the Plumber for President!

Kristopher said...

Fuck Obama, that worthless piece of shit!

I hope he does win, so lazy fucking Americans who take more time to vote for the next American Idol will possible wake up, although I doubt it!

Jade said...

Gino - I don't think he was dissing plumbers in general in that clip - I think his point is that taxes will only increase if the guy makes more than $250,000.00 a year - the question being how many plumbers actually *make* that much money? Around here the average income for a plumber is 50-65K a year.

A business owner could potentially earn that much, but that's the business making that much, not necessarily the individual who owns it. (Our business makes enough to sustain itself and us, but we don't see a lot of that profit, it sits in the business account)

And is it Obama's people digging in to tear apart Mr. Joe, or is it Obama supporters/starving media in general doing the digging?

Any time you get a "character" show up on the news, nosy people start to dig out tabloid worthy information about them... researching their job history, checking DMV records, seeking out old high school rivals to get dirt on them... those people lead sad little lives IMHO.

Gino said...

jade: it was tone when he spoke the word 'plumber'.
round here, a plumber can easily earn six figures. it depends how much he wants to work.

Bike Bubba said...

One correction; Obama wants to phase out the maximum income subject to Socialist Insecurity, so in reality, anyone with an income of more than $95,000 or so would suffer a HEFTY tax increase on all income above that level--12.3% if I remember correctly. Given that few couples have "even" incomes, this means that in reality, everybody above about $100k gets a hefty tax hike under the Obama plan.

RW said...

Let's do a Factcheck on tax plans.

Bike Bubba said...

I think a fact check on factcheck would be appropriate here:

1. Yes, a windfall profits tax would increase home heating oil costs, as would a carbon cap & trade scheme. His emergency rebate plus windfall profits tax would just set up a vicious circle of rebate--tax--rebate.

2. Yes, increasing capital gains taxes and (factcheck ignores this one) reinstating estate taxes WOULD tax life savings quite heavily.

3. Factcheck reveals their (inaccurate) economics by pretending to predict the overall debt impact of proposals. One can predict tax rates and spending, but markets react to these and change things like tax revenues.

In other words, factcheck; found wanting factually.

Bike Bubba said...

Also of interest; the Tax Policy Center is a department of the liberal Brookings Institution--you can't exactly say that they don't have a dog in this fight. Evidently a counterpoint from CATO would be too much to ask?

(added bonus; CATO doesn't like McCain, no dog in the fight)

Mark Heuring said...

That's a great summation in the last paragraph, good sir. We've seen some truly ugly stuff in this campaign.

Obama came down Joe the Plumber's street. I'll bet that Joe would have preferred that a tornado had come down his street instead. It would have done less damage.

RW said...

bubba is mistaking correlation for causation, yet another logical fallacy. "Factcheck uses data from Tax Policy Center and since the Tax Policy Center is connected to the Brookings Institute and the Brookings Institute is liberal Factcheck is wrong." Then, even though the Cato institute is not exactly a proper or complete counterpoint to the Brookings Institute, it is still posed as an "unused alternative" even though, in the end, bubba admits it isn't actually a related alternative.

What this is, actually, is simple ignorance of Factcheck's purpose. A cursory look at the program will reveal that the purpose of Factcheck is to point out places where both candidates and parties mis-represent, mis-quote, or otherwise outright lie about the positions of their opponents. For whatever point bubba was making, it does not refute the alternative view of the false accusations leveled by McCain against Obama's plan. bubba simply continues a logical fallacy as if that is an argument to justify the misrepresentation. Rather a neat trick, and missed by most.

"Error by reason of association" is a rather partisan ploy. I often see what appear to be partisans in this election cycle trying to do this.

It may help to review the main page to see what the actual purpose of the Annenberg project actually is.

RW said...

And, back on topic, Joe's name is actually Sam and Sam not only doesn't have a plumber's license, he owes back taxes and the gvt. has put a lien on his house.

Not that this doesn't happen to regular folks. But since his actual income is around $40,000, he actually would benefit from the Democrat's tax break - which is in the same vein as the tax break John F Kennedy made in 1960.

My point is Sam's just enough dishonest to not really be anybody's hero.

Gino said...

RW: joe/sam's current income wasnt the issue of his gripe. his future income while he attempts to grow a business for himself was.

but you demonstrate a problem that often infects the right: they eat their own.

joe's sentiments on most issues are closer to your old right view than anybody currently on the ballot (short of bob barr).
he doesnt, or maybe cannot, explain them well.
but he senses something is wrong when govt is too big, and how socialism has never worked as planned.

most people who ride your idealogical wave are not as skilled as navigating the waters of thought as you are, so you dis him.
you should be helping to explain for him.

you didnt used to be this way. i seen you teach. and you have taught me a few things thru the years.

ever seen the big govt people toss their own idiots? no. they make excuses for them. they defend them. and build the case.
and who's winning?

i'll defend any dumb joe where is right but cant explain why.
and i'll argue with him where he's wrong.

Bike Bubba said...

RW, when I point out that Factcheck is getting its information from a biased source, and also point out that its information is biased (and WRONG), I think we can infer that there might be a reason that they're using Brookings and not CATO.

Reality is that again and again this year, "Factcheck" has been caught giving only one side of the story. The side it gives is pretty consistent.