Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Anarchy Reigns Supreme

I've deleted my blog roll, but not intentionally.
A quick attempt to restore has been made, but some of ya are missing. Fear not, I will get the list completed soon.

Also been contemplating a new layout,template,format... whatever ya wanna call it.
I'm bored of this one.
I know what I think I want to do, but not sure how to do it.
Stay tuned.

Comments, suggestions, critiques are welcome, as always.

If your link is missing, either send me a note, or be patient. I'll get to ya.
I Promise.

Order will be restored.


Kal said...

%$#&%#@! blogger... I'm always screwing up stuff. I had a neat template I liked about 10 months ago and I can't get it to work anymore... GRrr...

Must be doubly hard working with the copy of Windows 3.0 you work on, Gino.

Gino said...

ya mean they have a 3.0?
dayam, i gotta get that one.