Friday, August 17, 2007

Eventually It Has To End

This over-extended uber-ubiquitous presidential campaign is really rather stupid and wasteful.
Seriously folks, nobody is listening except for the activists and the angry.
Oh, and the amused. That be me.
Honestly, I don't much like any of them, and not a one would do much to change my life for the better. Even my personal favorite, Ron Paul, whom I've generally neglected here, won't do anything for me. The difference with him though, is that this is the general idea of his campaign. I've neglected him here in the spirit of his promise neglect of me. A meeting of the minds, in a mindless sort of way.

A sharp contrast to Hillary, who recently decried the 'forgotten' working class, and a list of other 'forgottens'. "Hey, ah, Hillary... I kinda would like the government to forget me. Just pretend I'm not here, OK? Oh, and if you could... please pass this along to the telemarketers and those folks who keep sending credit card offers to my house. I'm really not interested in them. Or you, for that matter. Get off my TV and just. go. away."

You see, I have an excuse to be watching the circus freak show dancing before our eyes daily. It's what I do. It's what I've done. I'm the 10yr old who read the editorial pages most days. I had the funniest op-ed cartoons taped to the closet door. (Mom says I was old before I was young) I remember looking over at my dad and giggling when Gerald Ford, in a debate with Jimmy Carter, 1976, insisted that Poland and Eastern Europe were not under Soviet domination. (I was 12.)
So, yeah...
I been watching this show a long time, and remember more of it than a normally healthy guy should.

To my point.
(You knew I had to get here eventually.)

In all my years, I have never seen as big a clown as John Edwards.
Click here for this week's hypocrisy
If the campaign has to be as brutally long as this one is, I'm sure glad we have Pretty Boy John to keep the guffaws coming.
And to think there are serious commentators who take this whore seriously just makes it that much better.

And he's sooo pretty!


The Law Fairy said...


I'm generally leery of foreclosures. But, I hear there are about to be a lot in the LA area for people who bought their homes with a variable rate mortgage -- basically, trying to capitalize on the housing boom at the expense of young professionals like me who never had the chance to buy in because we were unfortunate enough to have been born in the 80s.

So, bring on the banks in LA! Selfish bastards. I am clapping my hands with glee as I watch the housing market fall, fall, fall!!!

(....I'm really not a bad person. I just want a house. Not even a huge one. Just a charming little house in a safe area with a small yard for Cujo. That's all. You'd think on a firm lawyer's salary I could afford that, but No.)

Stacy said...

HAH!!! Knee slappin funny!! He's like the court jester that just keeps on appearing between real acts.

Gino said...

LF:LA and OC are gonna boom with foreclosures, and even up north.
its sad to see folks lose their homes, but they signed these risky loans thinking they could refi later when the climbing market gave them big equity to qualify for a better loan.
its just the market at work.
as for a lawyer not affording anything... its a shame,huh?
now you know how us mill workers feel.
i'll be leaving here, anyway.
CA blows-

stacy: i can wait for the next pile he steps in. really, cant wait.

Kal said...

I'm so jealous. that's a nice head o' hair he's got going there.

But what a frivolous fop.

If we have to have a demmie (and, if only for the sake of a balanced supreme court I'm feeling like maybe that wouldn't be the worst thing in the world), than I say put hillary in and let Bill run around the White House with a lot of time on his hands and a bevy of young interns available...

Gino said...

kal: a balanced court?
what the hell does that mean?
does kelo strike a balance for you?

Kal said...

No, wasn't too much pleased with Kelo (, but the recent free speech case (Bong Hits for Jesus) coupled with a couple others this term really make me think the Roberts court doesn't do me, as a libertarian, many favors.

Plus, too many of one persuasion is never good, you need the tension created by articulate and opposing forces.

Uncle Ben said...

The court is about as balanced as it can be right now. And with a Republican president you've got about a 50/50 chance of ending up with a liberal justice anyways!