Friday, August 24, 2007

Sympathy For The Devil

I've often stated my belief in the sanctity of human life. Yes, I am pro-life, and I do oppose Capital Punishment, although for some people I cannot think of a more suitable form of sanction. Some are just so bad, nothing is too severe for them.
Yeah, I've stated all this before...

That said, the case of John Evander Couey presents some angst.

Couey, as can be ascertained, is an evil, pathetic, and ugly little man, who likely hasn't had much affection shown to him in life. To lock him up in a tiny cell, removed from all outside contact for the long length of time (13 yrs, on average) it takes to humanely execute somebody according to Florida law, is not justice. He needs human contact and interaction.

Justice for a child-molester-rapist-killer kind of guy like Couey involves recognising his humanity. He needs to know we care about him. He needs to understand that he is not forgotten. He needs our compassion.

My solution: He should be housed in the general prison population, where he may receive the attention and affections of other violent inmates, who will recognize him as the human scat being he is, and treat him accordingly.
We can't bring Jessica Lunsford back, but it's not too late to do the right thing to for John Couey.
It's the compassionate thing to do.


Mick said...

I agree, maybe we should start a petition

Jade said...

Hmmmm... Couey in the general population of prison... that presents a vivid picture. Interesting suggestion, I wonder if they'll listen to it?