Thursday, August 23, 2007

They Just Come To Work The Sytem

On August 15th,2006, Elvira Arrelano was ordered to report for deportation, three years after she was found guilty of entering the country illegally and using a stolen Social Security number to obtain work.
(Why it took three years to deport an illegal alien criminal I don't understand. I blame the Bush administration.)

She found sanctuary in a church near Chicago and defied authorities attempts to deport her. Finally, last weekend, ICE grabbed the uppity foreign bitch and deported her ass back to her rightful place,Mexico.

Some facts:
She entered this country illegally in 1997,was captured, and deported. She re-entered, again illegally, a few days later.

Sometime in 1999, she spawned a bastard in Oregon, and eventually moved to Chicago, where she was arrested again, in 2002. Why she wasn't deported at this time makes no sense to me. (Once again: I blame Bush)

She's claiming she needs to stay in the USA to be with her American-born fatherless son, who needs care for his ADHD. Of course, this 'care' probably comes from the same pocket of the US taxpayer as his hospital delivery did, along with the subsidised housing she was using, the free school lunch program that fed him, the food stamps she was issued, and likely a welfare check as well.
Actually, it was she who separated herself from her child, refusing the final free-ride-for-two she was offered, opting instead to leave her child with friends in Chicago to be used as a political prop.

I'm getting tired of the news copy that refer to this criminally unfit mother as an 'Immigrant Rights Activist', casually leaving out reference to the illegal part of those she is activating for (mainly, herself). Now I suppose we have to refer to John Dilinger as an advocate of banking reform? Or NAMBLA as a Child Rights Advocate?

She ain't a hero.
She's a lawbreaker who has already shown disrespect for our legal system, our taxpayers, our culture (after 10 yrs, she still hasn't a rudimentary grasp of English), and motherhood.

Good riddance,Mojada.
And may your son be better off without you.
I know the rest of America will be.


Uncle Ben said...

So what's the over/under on how many days it takes for her to cross the border again?

Mick said...

I am sensing some anger on this subject from gino.

Jade said...

Really Gino, why can't you find something that you have a strong opinion to write about? Do you have to pick such fluffy topics all the time? :)

It's difficult for me to form opinions in cases like these without hearing the whole story. I'm certain there are plenty of people falling on hard times who look at the US as a way to improve their lives... on the other hand, I've personally known people who cut their hours back at work so they could get more welfare, rather than work the hours and earn the extra money. Maybe the woman had a baby in the US to get some kind of claim on citizinship without having to go through the government red tape... or maybe she happened to have a kid by accident and doesn't want to take him out of the country for fear he won't be able to come back and make a life for himself in the states later in life?

Kal said...

I love reading press accounts of drunken Irishmen in Boston in the 1830s and '40s.

Unless your name is Littlecrow or Bending Stream, your family was an immigrant at one time, so I'm a tad torn about the immigration strumg and drang.

Buuutt... the immigrants who came here legally and illegally usually strove to learn english. Even now it seems like immigrants who don't speak spanish seem to try and make an effort to learn english, or their kids learn english first -- it's immigrants who speak spanish who seem to hold on to their language and exclude themselves from our society.

Gino said...

every land is a land of immigrants.
that argument dont hold wieght with me not a bit.
but, since you bring it up, i can trace my lineage to pre-white man times in IL. does that give me greater standing?

beside, i'm not anti-immigrant. my dad would very upset if i was. but i am pro american, and pro doing it legally.

a difference tween my family, or anybody's, and todays mexican migrant.
dad came here to become one of us.
and not just to live among us benefitting from our society.

ben: dont think she'll be back this time. she'a painted a target on her ass time will not erase.

mick: you didnt see my joy in her riddance?

jade: i'll look for more fluffy something somewhere...

Brian said...

Kal--Spanish-speaking immigrants have assimilated linguistically at approximately the same rate as everybody else has: on average, immigrants struggle to learn some English, first generation Americans are bilingual, and the grandkids struggle to understand their grandparents. Obviously, exceptions exist, but the plural of "anecdote" is not "data".

Gino--To my mind, the root problem of everything you are railing against here is socialism, not immigration. If there was no welfare state to be abused, would you care?

Gino said...

brian: not as much. but the fact is, the welfare state is here to stay, and was intended for use by americans in the first place, not outsiders.
and its just bad manners to enter another home, and expect them to take care of you.

and let me correct you: i dont rail against immigration,
no more than you intend to excuse importing a whole class of folks with an entitlement mindset, who will use their numbers to demand further entitlments.

Mick said...

I do find it ironic though that most mexicans are conservatives.

Gino said...

mick: that is not the case. americans of mexican descent follow basic idealogical trends of the the general american population:
business owners tend to the right, factory workers to the left. my closest buddies (of the past 30yrs) are mexican, and idealogically close to myself.

the latest wave of mexican migrants,though, are very much left. they want the socialism and the handouts. and vote accordingly. and lifestyle-wise, are not that conservative, producing a larger share of bastards than the white population, mirroring cultural trends in mexico itself (high illegitimacy rates)

Kris said...

I have to raise the bullshit flag on this one!

Yes, my ancestry traces itself back to Ireland. Guess what? It was all legal, AND my family has since assimilated into being Americans, as opposed to this anti-American, pro-Buzzard-and-worm piece of crap.

She came to America for nothing more than selfish reasons; and she broke the law every step of the way.

Her and a lot of other illegal aliens have nothing but bitter contempt for this country and they are here only to suck the American teat and get back what they think is theirs.

Oh, and they do jobs Americans won't do, like kill your family while driving drunk; rape your little boys and girls; create a violent sub-culture that would make Crips cringe; shall I go on?