Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Obama = Osama

As I've stated previously, my little brother is currently serving in Afghanistan as a member of the 82ND AirBorn Division.

Today, he emailed me an update, kinda, in response to Barrack Obamas latest assinine remark.(Damn, this Barrack clown is really making points lately, isnt he?)
"We've got to get the job done there," he said of Afghanistan. "And that requires us to have enough troops so that we're not just air-raiding villages and killing civilians, which is causing enormous problems there."

My brother sends me this message:
he's a stupid ****!

osama was sighted about 30 mins from here just the other day. by a place call Naray thats right "OSAMA" there has been raids going on for the past couple of days. 6 F-15's...10 A-10's not to mention a shit load of special forces choppers all at one time. hav'nt heard if we got that fucker or not...but we are all looking at the news....


Ya heard it.
And from a point of view actually on the ground in this war.
A point of view offering a bit more moral authority than the junior Senator neophyte who thinks he a big dog,now.


Anonymous said...

Even if some of them do not get the whole picture (speaking of my kiddos, Gino) their views are of the utmost importance to all Americans.


You know me, a very Proud MarineMom.

The Law Fairy said...

Your brother's allowed to tell you where he saw Osama? Seems to me like the kind of thing that compromises national security (seriously, I'm legitimately wondering, I though they weren't allowed to say stuff like that)...

I don't suppose the troops were ordered to let him get away?

/snark with a smattering of conspiratorial suspicion (not at your brother; rather at the monkey-in-chief)

The Obama=Osama thing is really old. Yes, they rhyme. Very good, kids. Now let's move onto our multiplication tables.

Gino said...

trisha: you mean 'MarineMom X 2'.
how's #2? is he back?

LF: the point is, you cant accuse the troops of atrocities as a matter of policy and tactic, and then expect to have any respect in return. this manboy is too immature to see that.
either that, or he's just another whore selling himself to troop-haters.

what my brother said is the truth:
he is correcting the lie obama is telling. they are chasing and engaging the enemy. not bombing villages to just to kill people.

The Law Fairy said...

I wouldn't read Obama's comment as being a condemnation of the troops. My immediate thought was that he meant we were wasting time and resources there with nothing to show for it (as we are) and this is resulting in numerous unnecessary deaths (which it is). If he thinks air-raids are bad, that's *obviously* a condemnation on the person who orders them, not on the people who have to follow those orders. If you noticed, part of his remark is that we need to have *enough* troops. If he's anti-troops, why's he want more of them? No presidential candidate is going to be stupid enough to intentionally insult the troops. You're reading it the wrong way because you see the (D) behind his name and decide "a-ha! Troop-hater!"

Gino said...

but i see the (D) in you, and dont assume the same.

what i really see in obama is cinderella running for the pumpkin, trying anything, saying anything, to prevent the inevitable.
he's a little leaguer playing in the majors. he looked good in the suit til the hardballs started flying.

Jade said...

Obama's comment seems to me to be one of those quick sound bite-type statements which really should be more thought out prior to speaking, because it can be taken in a negative way (which is what I think you are doing, honestly.) Your brother's response seems to assume that Obama doesn't want air strikes at all, but Obama is not directly saying we shouldn't have any air strikes, he said "so that we're not JUST air-raiding villages".

Oh, and I love how you ***'d out the first line, but left "fucker" in there. :)

Gino said...

jade: we are not 'just air raiding', and he is wrong.

i did just leave that in there, didnt i?
i'll fix that,too.

Brian said...

I think Obama's main problem is that he seems to be all over the map on foreign policy...one minute he wants to talk directly with the leaders of countries that--while they probably pose little substantive threat--are overtly hostile towards us (I'm thinking Castro, Kim, and to a lesser extent Chavez), and the next he wants to seem like he's willing to bomb the shit out of countries that, you know, have or might soon have nuclear weapons (Iran, Pakistan).

Even if you don't like Hillary or her foreign policy (I certainly don't), you have to admit she's at least done her homework and has some idea what she's talking about.
Her characterization of Obama as "naive" is actually turning out to be pretty spot-on.

RW said...

I don't know. I think Senator Obama is a bit of an opportunist in this run for the Presidency, but I didn't disagree with him wanting to tell Pakistan to do it or get out of the way. Musharif is a fucking dictator, for Christ's sake. Who cares what he thinks? And his deal with al Qaida just makes me want to tell him to go kiss my ass. We have guys out in harm's way and he's playing politics with the whole thing. Up his.

And though a soldier on the ground has more of a right to speak than anyone, the truth is the average grunt usually doesn't know anything of what's going on beyond his general area besides what his mates are carping about. Hitler was in Berchtesgarden manning the Bavarian Redoubt until his carcass turned up in a filthy bunker, if you listened to my uncle who fought with Patton's 3rd Army.

The Senator scares the bejeesus out of the same old crap that runs this country and, even if he is an idiot (and he is), and can't possibly make it (which he won't) what the hell is the difference between his asinine stupidity and the asinine stupidity of any other candidate the two major parties have trotted out this season?

Gino said...

"the truth is the average grunt usually doesn't know anything of what's going on beyond his general area besides what his mates are carping "

but said grunt would know if he and his buddies were engaging in atrocities and targeting civilians just to bomb them.

this email came from a soldier who heard what obama accused him of, and took the initiative to email family about it.
and i did notice a major offensive was in the news bout 12hrs after he told it was starting.