Thursday, August 02, 2007


First Obama is the 'peace candidate' who supposedly had secret intelligence while serving in the Illinois statehouse to correctly declare Iraq WMD-Free, but for some reason couldn't share this information with the rest of the world's leaders and intelligence agencies.

Now, he's the blustering bad dog who wants to wage war against an ally.
Sorry,but the lighter stuff really does float in this cesspool, if only for a while.

It's Midnight, Cinderella.
Time to let the grownups take the dance floor.


Vanesa Littlecrow W. said...

Is that the sound of flip-flopping I hear?

Gino said...

if you mean, as in the the flip flopping sound of running for the giant pumpkin wearing only one glass slipper.

RW said...

Sadder part is he's right, it's just the wrong guy saying it...

Gino said...

right about what?

openly threatening the pakies?
even on my most belligerant day, i know that's not the way to treat a soveriegn state and ally.
heh, maybe i oughtta run.
think i got a chance?

RW said...

Not attack Pakistan, but tell mother nature to go away and send whatever you have to send into the mountains to get what you have to get if they don't want to do it. Then Musharif can stomp up and down and yell but his radicals can't blame him because he's clean. Pakistan is the country harboring the top al Qaida. WTF? We go in he's got political cover. What? Are we expecting to find bin Laden in Baghdad??

Gino said...

right, but now musharif has to be strong publically, and attempt to thwart any moves we make in his mountains as a matter of nat'l pride.

thing is: we are already there. he knows it. he allows it. how do you think we found 1/2 these big dogs we got in gitmo?
if we go in too big, we may blow the whole thing. pakie's have their nat'l pride,too.
and we dont need to get too bogged in a nation this big.

Gino said...

besides, obama just blew off his base, which IS the gist i'm trying to (maybe poorly) get at.
his base was almost entirely anti-war-niks.

and why his dance is over.

he'll be at 10% soon, and prince charming wont be bringing him the slipper in july 08.

Palm boy said...

I think Gino's right. You simply don't threaten friends with nukes, even if they're only part time friends.

Andy said...

You simply don't threaten friends with nukes

Even if that friend has Osama bin Laden living in the spare bedroom in the basement?

Point one: Sen. Obama expressly ruled out the use of nuclear weapons against Pakistan. If you're going to try to score points, at least have your facts straight.

Second: for six years now, we've had President Bush saying things like, "We've sent a message that is understood throughout the world: if you harbor a terrorist, if you support a terrorist, if you feed a terrorist, you're just as guilty as the terrorists, and the Taliban found out what we meant. (Applause.)"* So, when Bush says this, y'all go "Yeah!" and "Woot!" and high-five each other as you guzzle another Bud Light but when Obama says it you're like, "Whoa, hold on there, punk"?

I don't think Obama is saying he's going to do in Pakistan what we've done to Iraq. He's saying, "Hey, let's actually go after the people who pose a genuine threat to this country, and if they happen to be hanging out in a country that claims to be an ally, well, maybe we'd better look into that." Personally, I am all in favor of kicking bin Laden's butt. I don't care if he's in Canterbury Cathedral, if we've got him, GET HIM.

Obama did not claim to have "special intelligence" regarding Iraq, nor did he ever claim that Iraq had no WMD's (prior to our conclusive determination that, in fact, Iraq no longer had WMD's). The point he was making then and continues to make today is that invading Iraq is and was principally a distraction from the most important threat and that secondly, the likelihood that we would be greeted with flowers and be hailed as liberators, gone in six months at a cost of $1.7 billion, was almost nil. The great risk was always that we would find ourselves exactly where we are today: billions of dollars down the hole, with a sectarian civil war and an ascendant Iran. You can point to Iraq's first elections in decades all you want, but it's hardly a functioning democracy when the Sunni party just got up and walked out of the government. Oh, and bin Laden is still out there. In Pakistan. You know, where Obama said we should go after him.

Sorry to bring a little fact-based reality to this smug little self-congratulatory circle jerk. Actually wait: no, I'm not.

*August 26, 2003: that's from the White House's actual transcription, and they included that there was "applause" at that moment, so I left it in for effect.

Gino said...

so you still voting for obama,eh? :)

Andy said...

Actually I'm leaning toward Gravel because of his cool campaign commercial. (kidding!)