Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Product Endorsement

Way back it was, 1978 or there abouts, when I was required to pick up a razor on a daily basis. At this time, the razor of choice was a two-bladed thing, and I used this configuration for years. For most of it, it was the Gillette Trac 2. I'm not convinced that second blade actually ever did any of the shaving, but what the hell?
It was a decent shave.

I never did go for disposables, like Bic. They just didn't shave well, and I have a heavy infusion of that Mediterranean genetic code that makes my facial hair a measure thicker than most guys. I figured out, with help from Dad, that not all razors are created equal.
When it came to basic manly things like shaving, my Dad was all over it, making sure to teach me well, and keep me informed. (He still does. That's my Dad. Always a Dad. Even though I'm 43 now.)

In the late 90's, Gillette came out with the triple-bladed, masculine looking Mach3. Now this was a razor that could shave the fuzz off a peach. Dad sent me one in the mail the same day he tried out his, and followed up with a phone call to make sure I tried it out, and had to know how well I liked it. I was hooked. Even though I'm still not convinced that the additional two blades served any shaving purpose. But they looked cool there just the same.

Then Schick came out with that four-bladed Quattro thing. I'm convinced that this was more gimmick than technology. Not a good shave. Nope. Rough. Lot's of blood. Even Dad tossed his away.

Right about then, I'm thinking three blades is about as good as it's gonna get.
Fast forward...

Last month, Gillette sent me a free sample of their latest (though I think it's been out for a while) offering: the five-blade Fusion Shaving System.

First reaction: NO!
Ain't no way I'm dragging five sharp blades across my mug.
Well, O.K., maybe if the mood is right.

Finally, last night, I took this Fusion thing for a ride.

Not bad at all.
Smooth. No cuts. It hugs the curves and soft spots better than anything before it.
Overall, got the whole chore done in one easy pass, cutting shave time by a third.
So far, after 30 years of serious business, I think mankind has reached the pinnacle of shaving technology. And I'm still not convinced the additional four blades serve any functional purpose, unless looking cool is a function in itself.
I'll have to give this one a hearty recommendation.
Go ahead and try it.

Now, I'll just wait until the competition come up with a six-blade answer in the razor wars.


Uncle Ben said...

I am decidedly not Mediterranean. In any case, right about now I'm not shaving my face so this post, while interesting, is not timely. Try to serve my needs better with your next post. ;)

Jade said...

Your timing is funny... I recently bought the incorrect blades for Dan's razor. In my defense, they all look the same... silver... with some sort of Mach 3 or sensor or sensor excel in the name. Ugh. Women's razors get fun names like the Venus, or Intuition. That's much easier to remember.

Five blades might be easier to remember... and it's orange. Maybe I'll ask Dan to switch so the shopping is easier for me.

Palm boy said...

Hey, I use a fusion. Thing cuts hair like a laser, but I've never lopped off any skin.

Kris said...

Even though I'm 32, I don't have the need for a huge contraption like that. Dual bladed razors work fine for me.

Gino said...

ben: didnt you post about lutefisk at one time?

jade: supposedly, all mach3 blades are interchangable. or, i thought they were.
get him the fusion anyway. he'll love you even more.

palmboy: you old enough to shave? ;)
(just kidding)

kris: count yourself blessed.

Kris said...

I think it's the whole Murphy thing wit me. I don't meet a whole lot of Micks who need to shave a lot.

Mercy Now said...

6 blades? I'm hoping for 24 blades in the near future:o)

Palm boy said...

24 blades... Or maybe just a lase beam.

Har Har. Yes, I shave. Not that young anymore, but I have been there in my blogging career.

RW said...

I've been using it too, but only because the blades are, like, 14 cents cheaper than the one I was using. Nevermind the price of gas... what the hell is with the price of blades??

Anonymous said...

Although I have a neatly trimmed beard, I use the disposables just to clean up on my neck. My gripe on the multi-blades is that the hair gets crammed in between and a fire hose won't get it out. Do these new-fangled, space-aged razors have some sort of manual hair ejection system that keeps those spaces clear?


Mick said...

old school straight edge for me. Picked one up for 10 bucks a few years ago. Works great.

Brian said...

Once again, my firm belief in the prescience of the The Onion is confirmed.

Gino said...

RW: if its good enuf for me AND your discriminating-in-all-things taste, then it must be a winner.

KD: is that you? :)

mick: never used a staight razor. though i've heard there aint a closer shave to be found.

brian: i'm not ready, emotionally, for two strips. not yet. i'm still in awe of five blades.

*~*Cece*~* said...

I totally prefer using men's razors for my legs! lol When I moved out of my ex-boyfriend's house I stole his Mach3! lol

Gino said...

~cece~: i remember reading an article that talked about mach3 being popular with women. something like 35% of mach3's are used by women.
a gillete spokesman was quoted as saying the ladies version had the exact same blades, but women still prefered the man's version. he was at a loss to explain why.

welcome!, and thanks for stopping in.

Mick said...

Gino I shave every other day. Much better than shaving every day.

Andy said...

But: how does it work on the bikini area? Well-groomed gay men want to know.

Gino said...

andy: you'll have to try it out and write a post.

Gino said...

KD, if you are still reading this far down...
14 yrs ago i carried a beard like yours. the only thing that worked well was the Bic Metal disposable.
a single blade system, very thin width. made the trim lines easy.
you can get them on-line.