Monday, November 13, 2006

A Big Kid's Christmas

I've explained my use of hunting tackle, and my reasonings behind my choices already.
I've also hinted at, faintly, the hardships brought on by a few limitations.

Most visibly to the untrained eye: the sheer length of the barrel on my Interarms 30-06. Actually a blessing on the long-range open-field shots, the long barrel and extra weight, and steadiness, it provides becomes a hinderence when shooting from a heavily foliaged tree, when quick reaction and abilty to maneuver are paramount. To this, add that deer never appear directly before you at the 10 o'clock postion, but are most likely to sneak up from the most inoportune direction, regardless of how well you planned and placed your tree stand. (Murphy was a deer hunter. Of this I am sure). Unless, of course, you are a left-handed shooter, in which case it is almost guaranteed said deer will show up at the 10 o'clock position.

The other big issue with my choice was the optics. Being a very low-grade, low-quality scope, which works fine in optimum situations and nice weather, the tendency to fog up in wet weather was also a major curse. I've had to pass up some good locations on account of the positioning of the sun at certain times of the day. The sunlight absorbed through the lens would reflect off the moisture built up within the scope creating a situation not unlike peering into a flashlight. Just. Bad. Proving the adage: you get what you pay for, especially when it comes to optics.

Couple years ago, cruising through a local gun store, I spotted a small, compact bolt-action propped up behind the counter. Curiuosity got the better of me, and after a close inspection, a nominal sales pitch, and a flip of the checkbook, I was the proud owner of a brand new Ruger M77 Compact, calibered for a very adequate .243 Winchester round. BINGO!

And since I was spending money like a GOP congressman, I also earmarked a new fine qualityscope to go with it. And this one is guaranteed to never fog up.

Arriving at home, and informing The Blonde that I just blew through an impulse grand in a few short minutes (remember: I'm a notoriously cheap bastard when it comes to 'toys'), she just replies "Honey,if you're happy, I'm happy for you."


Christmas in July!


kingdavid said...

I'm basically stuck using my Saturn SL when I go out looking to bag that trophy; but lately I've been using my wife's Chrysler Town and Country. I figure by being a little higher off the ground, plus the added weight, I'll be able to take down a much bigger deer, and with less chance that I'm actually gonna be killed in the encounter, which I consider a major asset when out driving the country roads.

Gino said...

be careful, david...
sometimes those deer punch back at the cars that smite them, causing some real damage to the front end.
better beef up with some reinforced panels.

have you considered the trade offs when choosing a different type of weapon?
your choice in the beefier and deadlier town and country may limit the previous maneuverability to which you've been accustomed.
i suggest some practice to get more familiar with the new weapon system.

Mercy Now said...

Now, that's a superb supporting great wife you have there!

Gino said...

did i mention she's Blonde?