Sunday, November 19, 2006

Meet My New Blog Friend

Ever since I mentioned the travails of Za*ra Amir Ebr*himi just a few days ago, my hit counter has gone through the proverbial roof. Seems Iranian web-users cant stop Google searching this poor lass, desparately looking for any possible link to her video.

Though I am grateful for the new, and growing by the day, batch of lurkers, I cant help feeling a little sad that all these new readers will not be here for much longer to gather wisdom from my insights and observations.

To my new,and eager, Persian fan base, I want to offer one snippet of advice before they dump me from their on-line travel route: Regime Change. Do it. Your goverment sucks. You know it. Stop pulling your puds at the thought of Zahra Amir E*rahimi, and grab a fucking rifle and do something about it.

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