Wednesday, November 15, 2006

They Are Not Like Us

It appears a very popular Iranian actress,Zah*a Amir Ebr*himi, made a private sex tape with her boyfriend, and now it's out on the web. (Big Yawn...)I dont for one minute believe enjoyment of non-marital sex only take place in the west, regardless of what laws are passed by a bunch of medieval mullahs to bannish it.

What I do find surprising, but not by much, is how in this country the release of such a tape is a career boost for some celebrities who had nothing else to offer to begin with. Most notably, the notable skank Paris Hilton.
In contrast, Miss Ebr*himi (who denies it is her in the video), has had her career destroyed. She likely will never find work again in her country, or anywhere else in the muslim world, and the scandal will haunt her to the grave. Add to that, she also faces a lashing and jail time from The Law.
Besides the personal tragedy that has befallen this young woman, we need to take note of what this truly demonstrates, and learn something from it: they are not like us.

In a political time when it is official government policy to promote freedom and democracy in the middle east, we need to take note: our values are not their values.
We cannot make them to be like us.
And it is a fool's belief to think we can.

Be grateful for western culture, and Weaker Sex Wednseday, where we can still fully appreciate the wholesome beauty and charm of a dark haired lady without offending a scowl-faced horde of much-too-powerful mullahs.


kingdavid said...

Not really related to this story, but I just thought about it. It must have been in the early or mid 80's, I went to a hair styling place to get a haircut. The gal who did my hair was beautiful, very exotic looking. During our talk, she told me she was Persian. I guess she didn't think I would know that it meant she was Iranian. This was a little to close to the hostage crisis, so I suppose she felt it necessary to deflect animosity. She was one hot Persian though.

Gino said...

persians never claim to be iranian. its just the way they are.
you want to make one happy? ask 'are you persian?' instead of 'are you iranian'.
oh, and i never seen an ugly persian woman. must be the genes, or something...
my dentist was a persian lady. i never missed an appointment.

Mercy Now said...

It's interesting that how we don't normally think of people other than caucasion to be beautiful. I mean I've seen some very hot looking Latin Americans where I live as they visit the mouse a lot.

Mercy Now said...

Oh and Persian women can certainly belly dance, ok that may be stereotyping but some do.