Wednesday, November 22, 2006

We Dont Need Any Stinkin Mullahs

As I've mentioned before, a few days ago, the google hits on this humble, low-rent blog have gone through the roof(and getting more numerous by the day), proving that the mullahs may outlaw sex, and all the fun that goes with it, but Persian libidos will remain forever active. You cant fight human nature, especially when these are the same behavioral urges used to propagate the earth, as per Allah's wishes, and besides... Persian babes are awefully hard to ignore.

Strange way of thinking, these mullahs have...
Forbidding the horny man folk from gazing upon a woman's beauty, while forbidding the most compellingly beautiful of Allah's creation from displaying itself. Seems consistant, to a point,right?
But what is the punishment for behaving poorly? Why, a public spanking, of course.
Yeah, that's right.
As in: Stripped nearly naked. Bound to a post. On a busy thoroughfare. Before an of audience of strangers.
And whipped.
All the while, these strangers,who are gathered up by the authorities, gaze upon the naked form they are forbidden to see, and the woman is forbidden to display.

Makes no sense to me. Are these mullahs so ignorant of what is happening 'out there' they cant see the erotic thrill such a spectacle brings to the S&M crowd?
Why dont they just hold ther own version of the Folsom Street Fair while they're at it? Add a little leather, maybe some body paint...

I know this is serious business, what? with the future of the Caliphate at stake, purification of the land, the will of Almighty God according to the Great Prophet (yeah, you know... the chasity-minded prophet with the nine wives? that one.)
I really feel for lovely Miss Ebrahimi. No woman should have to face such barbaric humiliation for such a victimless offense.
Zahra:If you are reading this; our southern border has more holes in it than a mullah's brain. I suggest you flee to the Land of the Free. You'll be a big star here. And the food is better,anyway.

Oh, and we are also free to celebrate Weaker Sex Wednesday, where it is not only legal for women to look this good, some of us even strongly encourage it.

And nobody gets an asswhipping.

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