Monday, November 06, 2006

Tomorrow Is Election Day

And I know exactly what i'm going to do about it: I am going to vote.

It's been said far too often, for far too many years, "if you dont vote, dont bitch."

This is a wrong attitude. Those who have fought, and many times died, to guarantee our freedom to vote also guaranteed our freedom to not vote. Its not the voting rights, stupid. It's the liberties.

I can tell you who, or what i'm going to vote for, but it doesnt really matter. I'm going to vote for people who suck. And so will you. Get used to this.
This election doesnt matter any more than the last one in terms of securing liberty. Your liberties are mostly gone bye-bye, and those you have left, will soon be, also.

So why am i voting? I dont know. I cant give you an honest answer, and I cant think of one election in my lifetime that really brought about any positive revolutionary change, with the exception being 1980, and the Reagan (may God forever bless his soul) Revolution. And being that i was only 16 yrs old at the time, I couldnt take part in it.

It doesnt matter who you vote for, people. The system is rigged. The union guy wont make you rich. The Jesus guy wont save your children from eternal damnation.
No matter what happens, or who wins, George Bush and John Kerry will still die rich, and you will still continue to struggle with your mortgage, and drive the car you can afford instead of the one you want.
You will still bitch about the price of gas.
You will still have sub-standard health care.
You will still be beholden to others for your livlihood.
The wars against smokers,gays, christians, fat people, public decency and cell phones will rage on.
The Bears will still go to the superbowl.
Brittany will still be fat.
Most Hollywood releases will still suck in direct proportion to their hype.
And McDonalds will still feature them on Happy meals.
Elvis will stay dead.
Canada will still have better beer.
And judges will continue to nullify anything you think you might have gained.

And the blogs will go on...

God Bless America.
And may He bless you,too.


RW said...

My not voting is my vote.

Gino said...

but if you dont vote, it wont coun.. er...


kingdavid said...

AMEN; you're preaching to the choir here. And for the next two years people (in MN it will be 99% liberals) will be writing letters to the editor whining about this election.

I also agree on the beerski; I don't drink much, but when I do it's usually Moosehead, with an occasional 6-pack of Dos Equis thrown in for a change.

Andy said...

I voted for no Republicans and three Green candidates in New York. I'm so liberal, I wouldn't vote for Hillary Clinton. Chew on that, Karl Rove!

Gino said...

when all is said and done, andy...
rove will still be rich, the greens still wont matter,
hillary wont be the least bit affected, and you'll still be poor.