Thursday, November 23, 2006

Have Plane Ticket, Will Travel

Well, the time has come.
Going through my packing list.
Checking it twice.
Long Johns.
Knit Cap.
Debit Card.

I'm off to one of the final unspoiled remnants of forest land in Henry County,Georgia.
If things go well, by this time tommorrow I'll be up to my elbows in sticky buck's blood. (not tryin to be all Freddy Kruger and stuff, but... I kinda enjoy that part. dont know why.) Or it may take a little longer. I got all week.

As darkness falls upon the blogging world, take heart.... I'll be back in 9 days.

Have fun without me.
And May God Bless You All.


Lance said...

Good luck...Make sure you save the heart and liver!!

Kal Jones said...

Look out innocent little bunny rabbits!

Oh, here's the Mass-hole view on hunting.

Not shared by myself, I assure you.

Just be careful out there.

(and make sure you're around a TV to watch my Pats take apart da Bears)

(I am going to pay for being such an arrogant SOB when... err.. if the Pats lose)

kingdavid said...

Good luck; hope you're not picked for the strip search going through airport security.

Brian said...

Your land is in Henry???

I didn't realize there was anything that wasn't a shopping center or tract housing left there. Hang on to it.

BTW, grew up in Clayton, which is what you will drive through on your way out from the airport, and my fam has a few hundred acres just over the county line in Spalding (off the 155).

The world is a very small place...

Anonymous said...

I really think you should have kept the soap on your list......uck...

Best of luck!


Mercy Now said...

A city slicker brings soap and mouthwash but a real hunter only brings the essentials for hunting:o)

Anonymous said...

Mercy, I thought it was better to get rid of as much human scent as possible, so as not to clue-in the animals. :)


Anonymous said...

cant wait to sell it.
its been in the family(stepmom's) since 1820's, and this is the last large remnant of what used to be.
the city is mc donough. step mom has one of those family names that means something round here.

(coming to you from henry, and a cheap ass dial up connection, cause stepmom is too rednecked for dsl, but still has all the bells and whistles on her '07 mercedes benz SUV.)

Anonymous said...

lance: we left this morning's entrails for buzzards. maybe next time...

kal: you win today. i owe ya when i get back.

king david: i actually like the 'strip search and grope' part of flying. i think of it as a reward for standing in that long security line.

trisha: soap? why? i want to shoot them, not bathe them.


Anonymous said...

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