Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Weaker Sex Wednesday!

Been working too many long hours this week, so havent had time to think, or write. Mailbox, and answering machine, are stuffed with messages telling me who, or who not, to vote for on tuesday.

But this is wednesday, isnt it?
Today, I'm voting Libertarian.


kr said...

Hey, Gino, wassup?
Andy said you wanted to talk to me?

I haven't right now got a non-identifying email address, and given that I have been significantly less than politic with you in the past I was not sure I wanted to give you my nom-de-reality, at least until I have some idea why you want to talk. (I'd have an anonymous yahoo acct, but I actually try to read the freaking contracts and just get pissed off ... which is why I don't have a blogger acct, too, mostly ... grr.)

So I thought I'd return your contact this way.
(Sorry it has taken a while.)

Gino said...

just some kind words,kr. an aside from me to you.
nothing major, just not public, because they didnt belong in the open.

no reason to fear me.
i normally only bite once a day, and it usually happens in the morning...

less than politic?
yeah, so?
didnt bother me none.
i've a thick skin, and a tender heart(but PLEASE dont tell anybody.)