Friday, November 03, 2006

Your Name Here!

Not up there.

Ever wondered just how popular your name is? or was?

With the exception of never being able to buy a license plate for my stingray bicycle like all the other kids had, I always kinda liked my name. It was unique, rare, but not too exotic,flamboyant or sissyish. As a result, my name became what i made of it, granting the much-coveted-by-celebrities privilage of being a one-name phenom (think Elvis, without the adoring fan base).

Yeah, I took advantage of it when i could. Like back in 5th grade, after several weeks of turning in all my papers with the one single name that really mattered, Sister Agnes , addressing me publically during class (nuns liked to do this, i dont know why), insisted to know why i didnt write my full name on my test papers. My response was something along the line of 'It's not required. You just demonstrated that you knew who i was with out it'.

I promptly was given the 'write this 100 times by the end of the day' penalty (nuns liked that one, too), only it was my full name i had to write, and just so she knew whose paper it was when i turned it in, i signed at the top with the one name that really mattered.

Parents were called in. Afterwards, Mom told me the nun was being stupid and wouldnt budge. So, I spent the next few weeks doing it the nun's way, and then reverted to one-name status again, this time without a hitch.

So,anyway, just how unpopular/unique was my name for real? And how well has it's lack of popularity held through the years since? Well, I just found out!
And now you can,too!


kingdavid said...
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kingdavid said...

I like the name: Gino. I could have gone with being named Gino. I'd have liked to see someone on my mom's side of the family with the name:

Gino Foksinski

He probably would have been an action movie star, or a left tackle for the Bears.

Gino said...

ok, kingdavid,
please tell me how you deleted your previous comment.
i know that i am not the only one that needs to know.

in my life, i've met maybe half dozen or less real gino's, and my son is one of them.
i've also met several others who claimed the name as their own, but thats because they had that sissyfied name, eugene, and desparately needed something cool to replace it with.

kingdavid said...

I'm logged in to my account on blogspot; when I click on your comment section, my posts show up with a garbage can at the bottom of my comments only. Like now, I see my comment has the can, yours doesn't. I had some typos on the first comment, so I just clicked the garbage can to see what would happen, and voila, it allowed me to delete. The can doesn't show up if I'm not logged in to my google/blogspot account.

Gino said...

ok, i see it, but i have garbage cans on every post, because its my blog.

from here after, no more of my typos will survive.

Anonymous said...

I'm 973! Go me.

VAS Littlecrow at Blogger said...

Anonymous was me... sorry!