Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Fat Boat

The fastest eco boat on the planet will attempt to break the round the world speed record using fuel made from human fat.

Ever get the thought that environmental warriors are becoming plain outright silly?
So this dude gets liposuction, and uses his old fat (along with a few others' lipo fat) to help power this newfangled boat.
I'm guessing,with all the fatness in possession by Americans these days, collectively we might have just enough fat to power half the nation halfway to work for one day.
OK. Nice idea.
What about the ride home?

What isn't mentioned, of course maybe he never thought of it, is that liposuction machines and surgical centers run on electricity generated through burning fossil fuels.
I'm wondering how much carbon was created so this dude could have bragging rights to less than a 4oz of eco-friendly biofuel?

I'm giving him high marks for a cool boat design,though. Add a beer cooler, bait tank, a live well, and a few rod holders and he may have something useful as well.


Uncle Ben said...

I don't know, Americans have a lot of spare fat. It just might work. Plus, it would work as a nifty subsidy for the clothing industry since lots of people would be buying new clothes!

kr said...


just, eww.

Anonymous said...

As soon as someone comes up with a reasonable mankind benefit of getting around the world fast in a boat that holds about 5 people, let me know; I'll get on board the bandwagon.


Bike Bubba said...

You know, if fat is a great fuel, maybe we can start whaling again! :^)

But seriously, Ben's got a point. If the average person is 25% fat and weighs 150 lbs, that's about ten billion pounds of fat that could be recovered for this purpose, or probably about 1-2 billion gallons worth of fuel, or a full half-week's supply!

You're on your own for Wednesday night, Thursday, and Friday, of course. :^)

Guitarman said...

I like KD's angle about benefit to mankind. How many millions of dollars did the guy spend designing and building this boat....that's gonna sink with the 1st 20' wave! He could have bought a candidate with that money

Jade said...

It *is* a sleek looking boat, but trolling off that thing would be a pain in the ass, having to haul the fish up that much boat to get it on deck.

Brian said...

I don't know, Gino, there is a hell of a lot of energy stored in fat. There is probably where ratio of the efficiency of the suction machine to the efficiency of fat utilization would make it thermodynamically advantageous to harvest human fat for fuel.

(Think about the energy it takes to get petroleum or coal out of the ground versus the energy you get from it, for example. Obviously these are good tradeoffs...for now.)

Anyway, if I am ever teaching a class in thermodynamics, this is going to be a homework problem.

Brian said...

Please excuse the awful editing of my second sentence.

Gino said...

Ben: so maybe we should subsidize the fast food industry in the national interests?

Jade: given the redneck preference for flash and gaud, this boat may the rich bass fisherman's choice. ok, maybe add a side door to fish from.

Brian: dont forget the financial efficiency of paying the surgeon.

if i ever get my lotto winnings, i can see myself cruising lake of the ozarks in a boat like this. course, i dont fish much, and that wouldnt much matter.