Friday, December 07, 2007

Where I'm Coming From

I used to involve myself with politics. I mean, really involved to the point of phone-banking, ground pounding,organizing rallies, vetting candidates... all that ridiculous stuff activists do.
I retired from such foolishness a long time ago, accepted disenchantment as my way, and refused to so much as claim a party affiliation on my voter registration.
As time went on, I became more and more convinced that this was the correct path for me.
Nothing has changed much, really.
I am still what would be called 'right-wing',am more comfortable with the libertarian vision of things, and my growing distrust of politicians (and those who shill for them) continues to do just that.
That said:
You've noticed my vocal support of Ron Paul. I am still not properly registered to cast a vote for him (but will remedy that soon).
There are a few reasons for my support. Primary among them, obviously, is that his ways of thinking is similar to mine. It's not that I expect him to win the election, or change the tragic and continuing course of American government. Some things are set on auto-pilot, and will stay their course, regardless of who is in power. Such is the way of history, and the past is littered with the corpses of once great nations, and the societies who spawned them.

I am supporting Ron Paul because in a two party system, he is the second party. Of all the dwarves who take the podium at the debates/round-up/freak show of either of the two official parties, one thing unites them all in thought: that if you vote for one of them, you are doing your part to deny another. Interest group politics is all it is.
Gays vs Traditionalists
Business vs Workers
Evangelicals vs Mormons
White vs Black
Man vs Woman
War Mongers vs Hippies
Have vs Have Nots
Wants vs Want Mores
Us vs Them

I'm tired of others trying to get theirs,have theirs, do theirs at my expense. And I'm even more tired of politicians who pander to such evils.

Ron Paul is different. He offers a vision long lost. A vision of individual liberty, and individual responsibility. Live and Let Live, just leave leave me the hell alone to prosper or fail on my own merits, as I respect the rights of others.
What is wrong with that?
And nobody is saying it, or even offering it up as a viable alternative, 'cept for this one lone voice on the national stage.

Ron Paul's voice is one that needs to be spoken, even if nobody is listening.

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Kristopher said...

Right now he has over $11M in campaign funds. That's nothing to sneeze at. I'm hoping people are underestimating him.