Friday, December 14, 2007


Cars are different now days. I still remember (vividly) a death defying stunt where I attempted to dissect a Toyota Celica using a Volvo. Impact was about 35mph, in a perfect cross 'T-Bone' trajectory. Long time ago this was, during my piss-and-vinegar days.
By the time all the glass shards and metal parts had settled throughout the four corners of the intersection, both cars had come to a rest about forty feet apart in opposite directions. (Been having mental reminders lately. And the painful cries of my victim still haunt me, again. She was OK, fared better than I, but I still can't get it out of my head.)

Both of them.
This latest collision wasn't near as bad, nor near as fast (not by half), but something occurred to me later as I replayed the moment in my head through the past week.
My car didn't bounce or ricochet back.
I didn't even feel a bodily lurch forward.
It was as if I had driven my car into a giant marshmallow.
I've heard of the newer crash technology modern vehicles have. You know, those 'crumple zones' designed to give and absorb shock, and stuff like that.
But this is the first time, and hopefully the very last time, I can say I think I know first hand what they are talking about.
I like it.
And I am grateful.

Update: just spoke to my adjuster today. She says it's a borderline 'total', and her investigation pegs the other guy as being at fault. They'll know more on Monday.


kr said...

Yay science :)!

'Glad you are still around--after both crashes :)!

Bike Bubba said...

Glad you're OK. Any pain in the ribs? My dad had that pretty bad after he had an accident like yours.

BarnGoddess said...

dang, sorry about your car!!!

welcome to OKlahoma ;)

Gino said...

kr: thanks

bike bubba: not this time. the previous crash though... some craked ribs, glass cuts, bumps,bruises.

Anonymous said...


Interesting observation about the crash technology.

Lets swap crash stories

My worse was doing 140 klks front left tire seal blew...little nisson pickup I was driving did a flip and a couple rolls and skidded down the highway on its side....driver side up..

Not a scratchon me........

A semi came along and we put chains to her...pulled back on her feet.....after the cops cleared me I drove that little nisson truck away....other then a little breezey in the cab and not looking too purdy and in need of two new doors and the roof popped up again etc etc the truck was fine........

Fortunately I was on Highway 11....very....sparse traffic........

Oh well.....that was the scariest .....

Had a few others at high speed...not so scarey.....
one I ended up in a beaver

The slow ones on ice are the worst........time lasts forever as you see your impending crunch coming...........sigh

Oh well

I hope things work out alright for you and you 'mobile.


Gino said...

barn goddess: thanks for stopping in. :)
(though i'm not in OK just yet)

chills: my drawers-dirtiest was a roll over as well. not a scratch on me, but did get a bruised shoulder blade.