Thursday, December 27, 2007

Much Ado About Not Much

As is obvious to anybody with access to the news, Pakistani politician Benazir Bhutto was assassinated today.
The general template places her in the position of martyr. In reality, she's nothing of the sort.
Descended from a long line of aristocrats and feudal lords, her 'dramatic rise to power' and subsequent campaign for democracy was all just part of the family business. If you ask me, the only thing about a lack of democracy that offended her was the fact that it left her own family out of power.
Her assassination is not all that newsworthy in it's context. Assassination is just another way of doing politics among her kind, who have ruled, or attempted to rule, Pakistan since before it's founding. And as corrupt and ineffective as her previous tenure as Prime Minister was, is it any surprise that somebody out there thought it a national duty to eliminate her for good?

She was no more in a position to add stability to a region that has never known it than the current dictatorial regime, or any member of the other ruling family of Pakistan.
Pakistan is a troubled land.
It will stay that way.

It's best we just left it alone, and let the partisans go ahead and off each other in their quest for power.
And don't cry for the Bhutto family. They still have all that ill-gotten money and the national prestige and connections to acquire more of it, and soon, another Bhutto will rise to the forefront of Pakistani politics as a champion of the nation, like a monarchy that will not die.


Mick said...


Anonymous said...

Bush did it.

Of course.

Just kidding

Let the conspiracy theories



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