Friday, December 21, 2007

Future Packers MVP?

Ya gotta love football, and along with it some of the side stories that make the gridiron fetish fun.
As you other fetishists are aware, Cowboys QB Tony Romo has been making the rounds of the entertainment babes.
Romo has been having a good couple of seasons, and looks like the rising star the Cowboys, and their fans, think he is.
Ah, but there's two exceptions:Seems the fellow can't play straight with his love life sitting in the stands.
Romo turned in the worst performance of his career recently when his most recent love interest, Jessica Simpson, was sitting in the stands, proudly preening for the cameras with a big #9 on her fan jersey.*
Seems his previously worst performance was the day former flame Carrie Underwood was in attendance.

Fans and players from both sides of the stadium have chimed in,with fellow Cowboy Terrell Owens urging Jessica to stay away from future games.

And there is also this site urging non-Romo supporters to download their own paper mask of Jessica to wear to upcoming Cowboys games and help their team win. What can be worse than one Jessica watching Romo blow the game? How about thousands of Jessica's guaranteeing the outcome?

*note to Jessica: if you're gonna wear a fan jersey, wear a proper fan jersey. The only other acceptable fan option is to go shirtless with a big #9 painted right between-ah, never mind...


RW said...

The funniest combo was a couple years ago when Paris Hilton showed up at Soldier Field in a #54 when her and Urlacher were a thing. Urlacher eventually got out from under that because, you know, that was just NOT Chicago. (shudder)

Jade said...

Was he really playing poorly because she was in the audience, or because her #9 was pink? I don't watch sports all that much, but even *I* know how very wrong that is.

Gino said...

RW:Urlacher doesn't seem to pick the best,classiest women.
he would do better to pursue the hottest, most anonymous babe in the church choir.

Jade: maybe the '#9 in pink' got him thinking too much about '#9 in another form of pink'?
it would definately throw *my* game off.

Jade said...

Gino - Oh that is just disturbingly dirty....

...and hilarious.