Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The "Good Hands" People

I got the "Final" from my adjuster today. Good Hands has determined that I am totally without fault, and are pursuing the claim against Shit-For-Brain's insurance carrier. Shit-For-Brain's carrier is claiming that they are not liable. Now Mr. SFB is claiming an injury, filed a claim with Good Hands, which Good Hands has informed me that they have rejected flat out.

Good Hands says this may go to arbitration if the other side won't budge. Regardless of the outcome of arbitration, Good Hands has made their determination, and will stand by it, and me. I will not be held liable. At all. (So they tell me.)

Damage estimate to my car: $6,000. It may go higher, but Good Hands has informed me,also, that they have already written the repair shop a check to cover. Barring anything unforeseen, repairs should be completed in about two weeks.

I like my car, but was already looking forward to getting a new one with the payout if they did indeed total it. Oh well. I'll be happy just to get my own well-suited-to-me wheels back.


Mercy Now said...

If Good Hands is whom I think it is like every state, then you may want to get another insurance ASAP before this accident gets into the insurance record. More than likely, Good Hands may drop you even if it's not your fault. They are known to do that. I think it takes a week or two to get into the system where all ins companies see.

Jade said...

We have the same insurance company, and they have always been very good with us. My inlaws have been with them forever... they've had a couple accidents where they were not at fault and have not been dropped. For us, I had one fender-bender that was absolutely totally my fault. I lost my "good driver" discount for a couple years, but otherwise it didn't affect my insurance. Dan has had speeding tickets and one fender bender over the years and again... other than losing the "good driver" discount, we haven't had a problem. And the discount comes back after a couple years.

Guitarman said...

It seems odd that the other insurance company wouldn't just bite the bullet and pay out. From experience they must know they can't win? Inkle mama got T-boned in Aerostar a few years back. They totaled the van and gave us
4K. Then we had to go out and replace it with a van that cost 10K
So you go from having a vehicled paid off to having to make a car payment. Your better off with it not being totaled.

Gino said...

mercy: i've never heard that before, but this will be the 3rd claim with them in ten yrs. the other two werent my fault either, but required a lot less repairs.

jade: these are the cheapest rates for me i've found,almost. other rates came in at like 3-4 dollars less a month. but, in exchange for a good company, those dollars are meaningless.

guitar man: already did the homework. i would have had a better car, for about the same payment. i would have just restarted the payment clock, as if these last 42 months never happened.
over the weekend i was out negotiating a possible deal should it had come to that.

BarnGoddess said...

Wow-glad you already have he check wrote to pay for the damages..nonetheless it is still a huge convenience on your part.

I think I know Mr. SFB! I met him once when I had my insurance adjusters license. Amazing how people can get hurt so easily whenit is their fault!

Jade said...

Gino - They are absolutely worth the extra $$. My car was broken into when we lived in California... the assholes busted the back window and stole my stereo. I was in the insurance company's office all of ten minutes (happened to have the box for the stereo still, so we knew the value pretty quickly) and they printed a check for me right there to cover everything. I thought I'd have to go through a "process", I had no idea they could take care of me so quickly.

Bike Bubba said...

If I ever live in Kahleefornia, I think my car alarm is going to make a sound like a shotgun racking a shell into the chamber.

Glad "Good Hands" are taking good care of you, BTW.