Monday, December 03, 2007

Test Your Geography

How well do you know your world?

Here is a geography test.

I did pretty well out the gate, finally going down in flames during Round 8. Later attempts got me higher up the food chain. But geography has always been a favorite topic of mine and I'm a bit talented in this type of stuff.

Basically, you just click on the map.
Speed and accuracy determine your score.
Lot's of fun.


Jade said...

I suck at this. I guess all those years of "where in the world is Carmen Sandiego" didn't do me as much good as I thought.

Got a Tetris game or something?

kr said...

I got through level 9, but level 10 World Capitals--Very Hard I totally flailed on. It was pretty funny.

On the other hand, kudos to 9th grade geography, I usually got the right continent or island group ;). I'm interested to see if Andy tries this ... much to my astonishment back in jr high, he knew all the names of and capitals of the Soviet Socialist Republics. I was never sure why ;).

Dude! 'Just realized that to my kids the USSR will be merely a historical concept. Duuuuuude. Wow.

Allan said...

Heh. I'm stealing this link from you. If you're nice, I'll give you credit. ;)

Level 11. Completely imploded at that point.

Jade said...

KR - I remember being so happy that the USSR didn't break up until AFTER I made it through 9th grade geography. I knew all the countries and capitals back then, but I did not retain the information.

Don't tell Mr. M.

Mick said...

level 9, then I was playing the guessing game

Palm boy said...

Level 7, 31667 points.

Guitarman said...

I was doing fine until I thought Everest was in the Alps. Then I took the bigger hit when I assumed uraguay was in Africa. Fun though!

Uncle Ben said...

I got tripped up on the Marianas Islands and just missed going to level 12. I did end up with 515,930 points though. That was fun!

Gino said...

now, come on, you cant all have done this well on your first try.
did you?
if so, then i really suck.

Anonymous said...

377,659 points
Level 10
Travel IQ 112

Grandpa Chris
A relation of Uncle Ben

Palm boy said...

Was that all first shot for ya'll?

Jade said...

Gino - I didn't make it past level 4 on my first try. I think I'll go play some sudoku.

Brian said...

Got stopped with 49,391 pts in Round 10, final score 400,139 and an IQ of 115.

Damn islands...

Uncle Ben said...

Yeah, that was first shot. I'll have to try it again though.

RW said...

Stopped at Level 11
IQ 123

I love this stuff. I also have no life.

kr said...

Yep, I only played once.
Wish I had more time to play again, though ;).

Kal said...

Level 11 killed me. I clicked back here before I got my IQ. 442256 points.