Saturday, August 09, 2008

The First Spectator

So President Bush visits China and becomes the first of his kind to attend the Orympics on foreign soil.

When else could he have pictures like this taken, and not have some explaining to do?

Have fun, Mr. President.

This one is just begging for a "Caption This":

You think she'd strike this same pose if the President's first name was 'Bill'?


tully said...

Woman: "You're an American Doctor right?"
President: "Well... I went to Yale"
Woman: "Great. What do you think this rash is from?"
President: "Bacterialized misacculamation. I give it a thumbs up, it isn't serious. You sure you don't recognize me?"
Woman: "I don't watch the news. Why, were you in a medical journal?"

Jade said...

We were watching the volleyball stuff over at Dan's folk's house the other night. As a rule, we don't watch any sports, but they make an exception for the Olympics (usually just gymnastics) but they really got into the volleyball. The first thing Dan said was "Don't those uniforms seem small? I mean, I know it's beach volleyball, but I thought the backs would cover the entire cheek area? Those are practically thongs!"

Just then the announcer said "Volleyball has been growing in popularity..."

Hmm... I wonder why?

Brian said...

If he had been doing more of this, and less of basically everything else for the past 7.5 years, I think we'd be a lot better off.