Sunday, August 17, 2008

Hell Ride

Hell Ride is a blood and sex soaked tale of revenge,retribution and mayhem involving two rival biker gangs, starring a few notables: Dennis Hopper, Michael Madsen and Larry Bishop, who also wrote,directed and co-produced.

I'm still not sure if it was intended to a be a more light hearted take on the 60's motorcycle flicks fused with elements of the Clint Eastwood spaghetti western, or a more serious effort at a real biker movie, but whatever it was supposed to be, it works for what it is. In some respects, it's a near spoof.
In keeping with things 'Tarantino' (and this is), the violence is never ending and personal. And I like that.

The plot offers a few twists and surprises that are easy to keep up with, the action keeps moving, and the characters, though not always nice, are likable.

Warning: if graphic views of the naked female form are offensive to you, stay away from this movie. The flesh parade of hookers and nymphos is as never ending as it is eye catching. I didn't mind, but it is rare (as in: never before) that I leave a theater wondering if 'nipples exposed' outnumbered 'bullets fired' in an action movie, but in this case, it would be a legitimate piece of trivia.

Final analysis: It was fun ride that didn't last as long as it could have because, to it's credit, the mindless drama bullshit that often passes as narrative was kept to a minimum, revealing only what was needed to keep the story moving along. Not boring.


Vanesa Littlecrow W. said...

That looks good!

But, what is up with Tarantino putting his name on movies that he merely distributes?

Gino said...

i think he also produced it.

tully said...

I don't get why you'd want to see sex in a movie theater. So many things can arise without your being able to do anything about it- or get out of your seat for that matter.

Brian said...