Monday, August 11, 2008

No,No,No... Not Me! No Effing Way

Here's the deal:
This fellow who calls himself RW has ventured '1 Step Beyond' and created his own 'on-line personality test'.

Not one to avoid stepping in a steaming pile when I least expect it, and sometimes even when I do, I took the giant leap and landed full footed.

Now, I got shit on my boots. That is, if I had boots. Well, I do have boots, just not on me right now. OK, so I got digger on my slippers. That better?

Go ahead, click on that RW link thingy above, and take his test. See what you come up with.
Warning you: this guy's witty.
Now go have it.

This is what I got (and it's so wrong.)

Ringmaster Ned
Ringmaster Ned
Take Your Secret Self
1 Step Beyond today!

Created with Rum and Monkey's Personality Test

Going 1 step beyond I would be standing in the middle of a lot of people
who are interesting and just sort of pointing shit out for you. Lookit that.
Lookit this. I have other things going on right now but if I can just get by
announcing stuff that would be OK with me. I could DJ on the radio so long as I
don't have to go beyond traffic weather and music. Or I could be the person at
the info booth at the mall over Christmas. Whatever. I act like I'm keeping my
life private but really there's just nothing going on. Ooooo lookit the

The real me, the secret me, the me I really am if I could me:
I'd be living in a subterranean lodge, alone, surrounded by hills and forests, cut off from family and needy friends, shooting at trespassers and posting the pictures on-line.
Remember? I'm the whack-job who likes to take lonely roadtrips, communicating with only a few randomly select strangers just keep my language skills up.

I only live where I do now because it's easier to find women.
And beer.

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Jade said...

Interesting that women came before beer.