Tuesday, August 05, 2008

A Messiah Who Is Keeping His Promises

"Hope and Change" is Obama's mantra, but it's looking a lot lately like the only changes he's bringing are in his positions, his downward spiraling poll numbers, and the grand illusion that he could ever be wise enough to be an effective President.

And he's not hiring good help,either. Surely, I would assume, somebody in his apostolate would clue him in that the Strategic Petroleum Reserve is intended for military use, and not for public consumption.

Thus, he brings great Hope to the McCain campaign.

(With no dog in this fight, I'm just watching the show.)


tully said...

This country needs Hope.

Especially the USO.

Just leave Bing Crosby out of it this time- of course, Dorothy Lamour we can keep.

Gino said...

Bing is OK.
It's David Crosby we could use less of.

tully said...

Have you seen any of the "Road to..." movies?

I'm not sure, did David Crosby have a solo career?

Uncle Ben said...

Yeah, in between lines of coke he sometimes put out an album.

Gino said...

didnt he just get a new liver a few years back?

tully said...

I heard Bing did a lot of weed with Sachmo.

Kristopher said...


Are you going to show up at the polls? I know that living in the People's Republic of California, you could vote for Casper and it wouldn't matter. Jesse Jackson, I mean Barack Obama, is going to take those electorates anyway.

I don't want to vote for McCain. I want to vote for Chuck Baldwin and I think I may just do that.

Gino said...

kris:in all honesty, i dont know who i'll vote for, or even i'll be in town at all.
early november is good for huntin.