Saturday, August 23, 2008

Now That The Game Is Underway...

How long before we see Obama or Biden trekking through Iowa farm fields holding a $2000 shotgun and dressed in brand new outfits from L.L. Bean?


Mark Heuring said...

I'd say the over/under on that is about September 21. But it will certainly be a snipe hunt.

tully said...

I can see Biden killing small animals for fun, but I predict Obama will resist the siren song of 2nd Amendment pandering (and I would salute him for doing so based on principle). How many critters have to die for political gain?

This necessity to go out and hunt to gain the American People's trust seems to throw Western Civilization back 6000 years or so, doesn't it? It's one thing to demand hunting skills for the leader of a nomadic Cro-Magnum tribe, but the fact is- our civilization no longer rests on hunting. 2nd Amendment rights only have significance for rebelling against potentially oppressive administrations. So the only way Obama or McCain can exercise their 2nd Amendment Rights honestly is to raid the Whitehouse with AK-47s. But I suppose that would be contested by some Americans.

Now, if it's just about exercising the possession of firearms, just have them shoot their guns in the air during campaign rallies. It's non-violent, honest- and many other civilizations do it.

So there you have it- logic indicates that the only honest and civilized way to express our second amendment rights is to shoot our guns in the air.

Gino said...

i kinda like the 'invading the white house' idea.

Brian said...

Heh. I'm pretty sure this task will fall to Biden.

Look for McCain to surround himself with lots of brown people.

On a quasi-related note, while listening to Obama's speech yesterday on NPR (NPR pretty much plays all weekend in our house) I turned to my wife and said, "well, he's convinced me. I should have voted for Joe Biden in the primary!"

Gino said...

i watched parts of a couple dem denates and each time i was left wondering why biden had zero support.

he was easily the most reasonable, most traditional liberal on the stage and didnt play that "i'll withdraw from iraq within 48hrs" fantasy.

i guess the dems are too obseesed with fantasy and unreasonable promises.
if biden was the nominee, the election would be an easy walk, instead of The One polling in a dead heat with the 'presumed' loser.

RW said...

To answer your question, probably eight minutes before or after we see McCain taking out the garbage in one of his homes.