Monday, August 25, 2008

Sometime last night my pc got infected by some pretty evil demons.

Seeking help.

Be back, but don't know when.

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tully said...

I've been known to do a computer exercism from time to time:

ACCEPT! The power of Christ, accept it in your soul and body and motherboard, my brother computer! Is the power of Christ in you? Yes, I feel it in your MICROprocessors!

Jesus Christ and all your POWERFUL friends, the angels and GOD ALMIGHTY, COMPELL this demon out of this computer and dispose of it in the unHOLY MacIntosh Realm where it belongs. My silicon brethren, do you FEEL the power of Christ in you? I KNOW I do, I feel it coming- it's going to dispell this demon:

sulukalamahei! kahulachmein! alamdrenechzchna!

I speak in tongues by the power of Christ, which is flowing from heaven on INTO my very hands, which I place on my modem: