Sunday, September 07, 2008

Bangkok Dangerous

(With so many close-ups of his brooding expressions I couldn't help but think I was watching a Kevin Costner movie.)
Not Nicolas cage's finest hour, and may be his worst. This says something about an actor who's one of the best in his craft, but among the least in picking his projects. Hard to accept this was the same Cage who gave us Wild At Heart and Captain Corelli's Mandolin.

Bangkok Dangerous is the anti-climatic tale of an anonymous international assassin who travels to Thailand to make a few last hits before getting out of the business.
In Bangkok, he starts up a relationship with a local deaf girl he meets behind the counter in a pharmacy. Sure, pretty Thai maidens just can't help but find an unwashed, depressing white dude with a greasy, goth hairstyle irresistable. Yeah,right. (This whole part of the story is really senseless, but it takes up so much of the film, I had to mention it).

The action is slow to come, and overly overdone when it does. Badly executed on all fronts, I was bored enough to notice Cage getting at least twenty-one shots off a 9mm before any possible chance of off-screen reloading. Pathetic.


Allan said...

Worse even than Ghost Rider?

tully said...

All it takes to get a movie produced is to have sex and violence in the title.

What does that more effectively than this title? The dangerous banging of ----. Hey- it got you into the theater, did it not?

Formerly known as SA said...

Used to love Mr. Cage, but his films are becoming as ridiculous and hard to take as his toupee. Oh well.

Gino said...

allen: havent seen that one, but subsequent research has told me 'yes'.

tully: actually, it was the movie poster's promise of decent action.

SA: agreed.