Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Google Set To Launch New Browser

Called 'Google Chrome'.

Anybody here gonna give it a try right away?


Steve said...

I'm not impressed. There's no menu bars, so I guess it's all supposed to be intuitive. I'm reasonably adept at learning new applications, but I just haven't able to get the hang of it. If they're trying to mimic Firefox, they haven't done it.

Gino said...

i think it launches next week.

i may wait a few days to see what others are saying, although everybody talks up firefox but i still stick to IE.
its a comfort zone thing.

Jade said...

There are differences in the way website code (HTML, et al) is displayed depending upon the browser and the platform in which the browser is being used (IE on a PC looks different than IE on a Mac) The problem with new browsers is whether or not they conform to the same programming that other browsers do, and will the Nerd Programmers writing websites adjust their code accordingly? If the programming won't work, the browser will go down.

Personally, I never touch new software without hearing other people road test it, break it, and fix it first.

Night Writer said...

Google is taking over the world, and I don't want to cede any more power to them. They play some pretty ugly games with censorship, searches, helping the Chinese government and other things I've heard of. Their search tool has become the standard, and I'm a habitual user, but I'm wary of being too dependent on them.