Saturday, September 06, 2008

Counting Blessings

As you all know, I've been lucky enough to have this tumor thing to deal with.
You heard me right.
I said 'lucky'.
I am lucky I have just a tumor, a benign lump of stuff in an inconvenient location.
Meanwhile, there are others not so lucky.

With that in mind, from this point I want to forward you to my friend Tracy.
"Just in the last year the treatments being used to treat those with breast cancer have changed dramatically and more and more breast cancer victims have been able to call themselves survivors."
Visit Tracy and read the rest of what he has to say.
Then, follow the link and do what you can.

I may not be so lucky next time.
But if somebody is willing to walk sixty miles to raise money in the fight against cancer while I sit in my comfy chair and poke incoherent thoughts into a keyboard, tossing a little jack their way is the least I can do.
I'm hoping you will, too.

Are any of us really going to miss a meal if a few extra bucks fell out our pocket this afternoon? I doubt it.
Go ahead and let it fall into an investment we may very well benefit from.


Tracy said...

God Bless You, man.

Thanks so much to all of you who have helped. I'll do a follow-up post on this in the coming week.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Gino!! Nice to meet you! I am the lucky gal that you donated to Susan G. Komen foundation in behalf of. Thanks to you, and many other of Tracy's friends, I may be able to walk in the pink parade in order to support breast cancer this weekend.
Thank you so much for your support. This journey has already been an amazing thing in hearing everyone's stories and their willingness to support strangers.
I'm glad to hear that your tumor is benign. I'll definitely keep you and your story with me while I walk!


tully said...

This is refreshing news. But can it really be relevant if it doesn't relate to the Sarah Palin nomination?

Gino said...

does sarah have breasts?

tully said...

True, I suppose women in general have a knack for relating themselves with breast cancer no matter what the circumstances. You don't see men getting that much publicity for prostate cancer.

Gino said...

go ahead and drop a few, the boobs you save may be your own.