Friday, September 05, 2008

She's Even Got Oprah On The Run

It's kind of amusing to see Oprah trying to claim the higher ground:"I made the decision not to use my show as a platform for any of the candidates.", after already whoring out her show, and her celebrity, to provide Barack Obama with a platform she now denies existed.

Oprah, the Queen of Media, is stuck.
Wonder Woman Palin is the hot topic as we speak.
And Oprah's audience of weepy white women would be particularly receptive to a strong-minded, attractive woman such a Sarah, with her five kids (One is retarded. Brandish the hanky's, gals, while Oprah holds her hand), her ruggedly handsome husband and blue-collar background, while defying the odds and breaking through the 'Good Ol' Boys network of Alaska politics.(Actually, there are some gals in that 'Boys' network)
If this ain't Oprah material, I don't know what is.

The audience would want Sarah.
But, Oprah can't risk turning millions of woman viewers on to her after she's been trying to turn them toward Obama, after not 'using her show as a platform', of course.

Or, maybe Oprah can't handle the very plausible thought that Sarah doesn't need Oprah to hold her hand while she recounts her life story, and is likely to recoil from her grasp. (Hey, she can always blame it on racism).
After all, Oprah has no use for not-so-weepy women who seem to be in command of their surroundings.
That would be bad television, I guess.

This will be likely be the last commentary I post regarding the lovely, gutsy and beautiful Sarah Palin. Don't want to over it,ya know.
(Or do I?)

Unless, of course, she does something irresistibly sexy.
Like posing next to a steaming pile after a moose hunt dressed in a parka and mukluks. Now that, would be hot!


Kristopher said...

With someone like Palin on the ticket, how can you sit this one out? I know that California will go for Jesse Jackson anyway, but you can be part of putting that woman into office.

I was going to vote for everything but the POTUS, but I can't sit this one out now. I'm voting for Palin and McCain just happens to be on that ticket

Gino said...

kris: ideaology-wise, i like her in many ways. but also, she's part of that wing of the party that i also disdain. true, she hasnt (yet) spoken out on these things, but i know where she stands on them.
but i do admit: having her to look at for the next 4-12 yrs cant be a bad thing. i would TiVo all the press conferences.

Kate-A. said...

Oprah has always been bad television, although if Palin were a guest I might be able to watch more than a few minutes.

Kristopher said...

"she's part of that wing of the party that i also disdain."

Can you elaborate on that?

I'm not trying to be argumentative, I just don't know what you mean.


Gino said...

kate: welcome

kris:i suspect she's a Jesus-winger. and one of those that wants the US to guarantee israel's existence and spread democracy throughout the world.

Kate-A. said...

Thanks gino.

"Jesus-winger." I'll have to use that one.

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