Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Souless Twits

I left the GOP back in 1996, and over the succeeding years Republicans have done their best to affirm that decision.

Seeing Joe Leiberman, with a voting record as liberal as Joe Biden, speaking before the RNC, getting all the applause he's been getting while praising McCain's very frequent turns to the left just proves that I didn't leave anything that mattered after all.

That party has lost it's soul.
Of course, I've known this for some time already, but still held out a faint glimmer of hope that something ideologically resembling limited government may rear it's beautiful form once again.

It is not to be. A 'conservative' party that will give prime-time to Joe Lieberman, while totally shutting out Ron Paul, is a farce. A charade. A big fat lie.

I'll be sitting this one out,too.


Thomas Paine said...

The GOP has been taken over by War profiteers and big business.
No true resemblance of libertarian ideas exist anymore. It's just not that profitable of a political party. Who would pay the millions of dollars for a Freedom agenda?

Why not vote for Barr, not that much of an expert on his ideas, but he is probably more in line with your views, right?

Gino said...

barr and i have traveled similar paths.
i'm a former conservative who stepped heavily in the Jesus-wing.
not totally, but heavily.
i started to make a shift about ten yrs ago.

also,barr always had libertarian leanings, like myself.

kingdavid said...

Ron Paul isn't going quietly. I saw a news story locally that he rented out the Target Center, which is in Minneapolis, and had about 7,000 backers there. They showed highlights from a speech by Jesse Ventura, but Paul had yet to take the podium. It looked like there was more excitement there than in St. Paul.

I'll have to check out the stories today and see what's going on in his camp. Not sure if that's going on all week or was just for a day.

Gino said...

KD: ron paul's views were the standard for the GOP. his views are pure conservatism according to the literal meaning of the word.

the fact that during the debates nobody would debate his points, and instead took shots at his character or just ignored him outright, says more about the big gov't pandering demons that have infiltrated the GOP than it does about the in/validity of pauls ideas.

and now he's been shunned by the party he's been faithful to.

he's pissed,yeah.
and so are those of us who supported him.

his points are valid. that is why nobody countered them.