Monday, September 15, 2008

Just A Tad Busy

The moving process has begun, and part of the drawbacks encountered in buying a repo property are starting to be realized.

Unlike most repos, this house has not been trashed. Except for a torn up patio door screen, nothing is broken or in disrepair. The place is still cherry. Nice. I like that.

Drawbacks: the previous owners, who bought the house brand new on 2006, decided to take everything that they had added with them.
That means there is not a window covering to be found. Or a yard hose. Or the ceiling fans that are now just holes in the ceiling. They even took the Doggy Door (but left the hole).
Of course, I knew all this when I first looked at the house, and inspected it pretty well prior to submitting my bid.

So, now I have the chore of getting window coverings bought and in place. I know how much this can cost from previous purchases of one or two rooms worth of coverings.
What I didn't prepare for: every window in the house is bare naked. I mean every window. Even the small tiny ones that are easy to overlook. Of course, I knew this, but still never thought to add up the potential numbers.
This is going to cost me. Damn, these things are expensive when you have to do them all at once, on a house as large as this one.

--Here's a tip: when shopping for wood blinds, or faux wood, check out ebay. Lots for sale, cut to fit, for 20-30% cheaper than Home Depot/Lowes/Wal*Mart. One such vendor will be getting a lot of business from me in the coming weeks.

The Good: prior to foreclosure, the previous owners tried to rent it out, without success. As a result, the place is clean. Very clean. Even the carpets and the walls.

I will be without internet service for a few days while I get settled in. Also have a couple more medical appointments this week. I'll be meeting with my neurosurgeon in a couple hours, and my SuperSpecialistExtreme ENT later in the week. Surgery is right around the corner.

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