Saturday, September 13, 2008

Righteous Kill

You know what sucks? That I waited for this. The opportunity to see two giants of their craft together, I mean actually together, unlike in Heat, opposite each other in scene after scene.

Righteous Kill is a rather generic cop thriller/serial killer movie that burns up more than it's share of cliches.
Turk (DeNiro) and Rooster (Pacino) are two homicide detectives who've been working together for 30 years. Ready to retire, they've got this one last case involving a serial killer who targets some of the worst criminals who've been let off on technicalities.
At each murder, the killer leaves behind a poem explaining the justification for his actions.
A surprise plot twist at the end isn't really that much of surprise if you seen enough of this type of movie.

Along the way, Turk helps an attractive forensics detective, played by the breastigious Carla Gugino, live out some of her quirky bedroom fantasies. I'm not sure this did much to add to the movie, 'cept maybe provide a little eye-candy for a struggling story.

The movie is mediocre at best considering the promise of the lead actors. Both roles are too easy for them, so you don't get too much in the way of the solid character acting they're both known for. It was worth the price of admission, though it tended to drag along in a few places, easily allowing my mind to wonder. Almost like watching an expanded version of Law & Order, with gunfire.

Also stars Donnie Wahlberg and Curtis Jackson as two rookie cops, Brian Dennehy as the angry lieutenant, and rapper 50-Cent as a drug dealing kingpin.


kingdavid said...

The two movies I would have thought to be worth seeing, this and Traitor, both have gotten bad reviews. That's disappointing. I'll wait until they come out on TBS.

Formerly SA said...

I can't think of any film made in years that Pacino and DeNiro wouldn't seem completely out of place in. The kind of gritty realism that they made their reputations on just isn't what Hollywood is doing anymore. It's not that good films aren't being made, its just that they are a different kind of good. Even Martin Scorsese's recent pics, some of which are excellent, have a glossier, more artifical feel to them than the things he was doing in the 70s.
Al and Bobby are still big, it's the pictures that got small.

Gino said...

KD: almost saw traitor last week instead of bangkok D.
i guess either choice would have been a bust

SA:good points.
todays movie fare is rather weak.