Wednesday, September 03, 2008

When Politics Becomes Pop Culture

First impressions can define a politician's future. This is especially magnified in the case of sudden national exposure, when previously locally known politicians 'go big' fast, and can be near impossible to redirect.
Barack Obama built a presidential campaign on one nationally televised speech.
The script for Dan Quayle's entire political future was written in thirty-seconds, when George Bush named him as his running mate on live television. (Although, to his credit, he later did everything possible to perpetuate that first,second,
third... impression.)

Likewise, it may be Sarah Palin's turn next, as folks have positive fun with her Wonder Woman first impression.

Via Steve,at Careful Thoughts, some of these are pretty darn funny.

A few favorites:
Sarah Palin will pry your Klondike bar from your cold dead fingers.

Sarah Palin can win a game of Connect Four in only three moves!

Sarah Palin’s finishing move in the VP debate will be pulling Biden’s still beating heart from his chest & taking a bite.

Sarah Palin makes Andrew Sullivan regret some key life choices.


We'll have to see if she blows it, or holds it.


the poster formerly known as SA said...

She's certainly made an impression on me. I've gone from 'might sit this one out' to 'definitely voting for Obama'. A lot of my right-wing friends seem happy though. More proof that I will never understand Republicans.

Vanesa Littlecrow W. said...