Sunday, December 03, 2006

My Ol' Pal,Kal

From the land of metrosexuals andgirlie-men one man stands alone.
Well, not really.
Kal stands upon the shoulders of men more than manly he, casting his lot with the New England Patriots, who have had the blind luck of coming out on top against the best defense in the NFL.
Proving, after all, some real men do indeed come from Massachusetts
I'll admit, having been over the river and through the woods the past week, I didn't suffer the misfortune of having to watch the travesty take place. Luckily, I was only forced to watch the highlights later that evening. (It being deer season, a man has got to have his priorities in place,after all.)
It appears, by all accounts, I missed a great game while out stalking game of my own.

Back to Kal...
I've known Kal for a very long time now.
Almost two whole months.
Besides the fact that his blog is widely visited by those who seek Middle Eastern sex videos, and his striking familial resemblance to our next president, I'd have to say since I've come to know Kal my respect for 'things Massachusetts' has doubled to a whopping number of two.
The first being none other than these guys:put your headphones on for this.
So, yeah... I'd have to say he's in good company (even if he is irish).


Andy said...

Please tell me John Kerry is not your idea of a "metrosexual." If so, me your address so I can send you some men's fashion magazines. Don't worry, I won't send porn. I wouldn't waste the good stuff on you.

Gino said...


Kal Jones said...

I think we can all agree I am no metrosexual or girlie man, as much as my wife wishes I would stop smelling my dirty socks.

And "blind luck"?

Well, it was lucky we avoided drafting Rex Grossman...

And what you got against the Irish, Mr. Gino? We've got our share of Italians in Boston too... Actually just busted an underboss yesterday, Carmen "The Big Cheese" DiNunzio:

No metrosexual there...

Kal Jones said...
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