Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Adventures In Babysitting Pt II: Attack Of The Beasts

And they jump,too!
Tonite's feeding was more exciting than in days past. They've obviously become quite comfortable with my presence.
This is Raca, one second before landing on my head:

(notice the strategically poised hind feet)
After which she shimmied down my spine, ran across the floor, behind the dresser... can just guess the rest.
Eventually, she ended up captured and re-caged. But not before giving her friend a similar idea.

This is Coos, just before attempting the same maneuver. A quick reflex on my part, and she was foiled. Actually, she landed on my shoulder, ran down my arm... right back into the cage. HaHa. Sucker.

Just a few days of this left...


Andy said...

What a strange looking little creature. I'm still not convinced they're not evil. But yes, they are cute, in a strange, evil way.

RW said...

The first one looks... well... worried. Were you threatening the poor beast!

You need to show our old Boilerpal Trish this stuff, she loves little vermin... er... creatures.

Mercy Now said...

They are so small and cute I guess. BTW, KingDavid subtly suggested that you may be from a diff planet on his latest post:o)

Gino said...

andy:not that small. the pics make them look tiny, but they're bout the size of a small rabbit: a full handful and a half of fluff, but very lightwieght. maybe a pound. they share the characteristics of combining a rabbit, squirrel, and guinie pig.

RW: but trishy is into mice, and i havent heard from her since the yard's defunction(a new word i just made up).

mercy: saw that. still trying to think of a snappy reposte. payback for the babushka pic,maybe? LOL

kingdavid said...

I didn't imply he's from a different planet, I implied he traveled to a distant planet.

My recommendation if you want to get out of doing this again---buy yourself a python, and let it have the run of the house.

Gino said...

but david,
as much as i would love for my cats to play with the chillas, i want my daughter to still love me when all this is over.

kingdavid said...

I suppose, you're building up a lot of points for this. As much as I joke about rodents, I actually really like these kind of pets. I love our guinea pigs, the girls. The only down side is cleaning out the cage. We use this stuff called 'barn buddy' in their cage, which is actually used in horse stables. Works great, but a bear to dispose of; though its still better than chips.