Saturday, January 20, 2007

It's Official

Now comes all those scripted Town Hall meetings with pre-screened random regular folk just like us.
Let's just assume that you were lucky enough to squeak through the screening process.
And even luckier still, actually was called upon and allowed to ask your pre-approved question, which was handed to you on a 3x5 note card. Sensing this is your big chance for a totally random IRS audit, you ditch the planted question and go 'balls out', zinging that bitch with THE question guaranteed to cost you your job and new set of tires.
What would that question be?
Since you claim to be qualified based upon your deep involvement in your husband's administration where you cant remember anything when called to answer for it, arent you, in fact, totally unqualified for the job?


Andy said...

Oof, where did you find that picture? That must be from her First Lady of Arkansas days, where she didn't have any gay stylists to help her. Now she has people to make sure her eyebrows match the rest of the hair. If it comes down to a choice between her and almost any Republican, I will have to vote for her. But I won't like it.

Gino said...

but question to ask?
this is your big chance.

Brian said...

I was no fan of either Clinton during "their" presidency, nor am I particularly enthusiastic about a possible choice between her and...pretty much any Republican except maybe Ron Paul...but in the face of the deep contempt I have for the presidential policies of the past 6 years, I'm having a very hard time remembering what it was about the Clintons that I was so worked up about 10 years ago.

Socialized health care? It's gonna happen at some point anyway (we are well on our way as it is).

Taxes? Cuts in the marginal rate don't mean shit when the president is spending like a drunken sailor (unless you're lucky enough to die before the inevitable tax hike comes due...hell of a choice.)

Funny land deals seem pretty tame in light of the whole "going to war under false pretenses" thing.

And we certianly aren't occupying the Balkans today, are we?

But that wasn't what you asked...

Um, goes...

"Ms. Clinton, don't you find it unseemly for a republic to have its presidency pass bewteen two families for over two decades? Doesn't that strike you as a bit...imperial?"

Honestly, that's the best I can do right now.

Andy said...

Brian's question is a good one. I am really uncomfortable with the idea of creating competing Bush-Clinton dynasties.

I'd have to think more about it, but how about: "Senator Clinton, this year you marched in the New York City Gay Pride Parade for approximately four blocks, entering just before the media stand and exiting immediately after. When the New York State Court of Appeals ruled shortly thereafter that same-sex couples were not entitled to the right to marry, you issued no statement whatsoever. Is it true that you only court the gay community up to a point in order to get their vote and their money but won't fully support equal rights for your state's constituents because you are concerned about being labeled a "liberal" in a national race?"

Gino said...

andy, that one just may get you that audit.

remember 'luke sissyfag'? who taunted bill for quite some time whenever he 'town halled' someplace?
wonder whatever happened to him. i liked him.

Andy said...

I do remember him! Ah, the 90s.