Wednesday, January 31, 2007

It's About Bill, Stupid

Much is being said about Hillary becoming the next president. I do believe it will happen, and have predicted it some time ago. I'll stand by my prediction. Sorry, folks. Gonna happen.

Hillary is a feminist icon. This we all know. What is not so widely reported is she has gotten where she is as a direct result of the man she chose to breed with. Similarly, she will get to the White House the same way. It's all up to Bill. Throughout her legal,political, and business career she was sought out, or deferred to, through her connection to Bill.
Bill is a natural born politician. He knows how to smooze. He has a crew of diehard operatives who benefit handsomely, of course, as a result of their endeavors in his name. He knows how to punish,reward,use and abuse at his will. And he knows how to strategise.
Bill will be advising the Hillary campaign. She needs him, and all he brings to the effort. Politically, Hillary isnt that bright. If she goes it without Bill, she's a loser. That she knows, and he knows all too well.

What this election really comes down to is whether or not Bill finds it in his interests to be husband to the president. I can see Bill going over in his head whether or not he wants the White House perks, the center stage, the Rock Star status, and babes... or if maybe he would rather have these things (which he already has) without having to defer to Hillary.
I dont buy for one minute that he wants his wife to be president. If she is elected, his personality is such that he will be upstaging her at every event. And he will have the magical ability to control the news flow. He will use his media popularity to control policy decisions. In effect, it will be Bill's third term. Bet on it.

It's a toss up. Will he sabotage her campaign through well placed bad advice? Or be in it to win?
It's about Bill. Everything with this couple has been about Bill. Everything with Bill is about Bill.
Whatever Bill finds to be in his best interests is how this will develope.
I'm still betting Bill wants to win.


Anonymous said...

Why do I get the impression you are not all that fond of Bill
nor his little missus. :o)

Out of deference to you
I won't vote for Hillary :o)

Of course I wont be voting for any other candidate in the upcoming American elections, but it is the thought that counts eh...:o)
I am not convinced that you are correct. While it will be interesting to watch how things unfold in the political arena in the USA I suspect the outcome in '08 may be greatly impacted by world events that even old Bill can not control.
When that stumblebum bush screwed the pooch(and the american taxpayers) by going into Iraq he started a domino effect with unintended and unpredictable consequences and re-actions etc.
Just my two cents.

We live in interesting times.

Chills..... who has just dropped in to say hi...... weather here is putting a crimp in my style ....sigh.

Anonymous said...

I don't think I can agree with you on this one either Gino. I can't see her getting through the wild card playoffs with all the other Dem's that probably dislike her as much as Republicans. I think it will be fun to see the Dem hopefuls beating up on each other the next year and a half. I have no idea who will be in the big show; I just continue to find it disappointing, and sad, that neither party can present a candidate who embodies the values that made America strong and doesn't have a load of baggage that leaves us with the option of choosing between the lesser of two evils.


Gino said...

there are machinations desigened to deliver the proper victor. trust me. she will get the nomination. you forget: bill's people run the national party aparatis.

Chills: always a pleasure. maybe you should try some ice fishing. i hear they keep heaters in those little fishing huts.

Anonymous said...


I tend to agree with your view that the apparatus is pretty much controlled..
However I have to wonder what impact an open conflict between Iran and the USA or Isreal may have.
Not suggesting that such a conflict will happen just thinking out loud.

I tend to think if things dont settle down...and war breaks out....the American populous will vote a male....probably someone like McCain....

Of course I recognize I am looking at the US political scene from the outside and dont quite understand nor appreciate all the nuances that someone inside the states and experienced with the system might have.

Anyway....... funny you mention ice fishing....grandson is visiting this weekend and I considered that..but I think the ice aint near stable enough.....the weather has been waffling more than our new Conservative govt..... so I think I have to pass on the ice fishing..

Laters :o)

Kal said...

The question is whether the "anybody but Hilary" folks on the democratic side are smart enough not to fight each other but instead to unite against a single other candidate.

I don't know, might be worth it to see Bill in the White House again. Can you imagine the kinds of trouble he could get himself into with extra time on his hands?

Andy said...

Show me ONE person who intends to vote for Hillary.

Anonymous said...

geesh. I just cannot see the majority of democrats voting for her in the primaries. It could happen, but she has so much going against her to be considered the best of the bunch.

But I've been wrong once or twice.


Gino said...

andy: you already said you would when she gets the nomination.

trisha: xoxoxo
she's polling at 45+% already in the primaries.

The Law Fairy said...

I'm not convinced Hillary will do it. She's got a shot, definitely, but there's a lot working against her. Here in Los Angeles, supposedly a liberal city, a local radio station recently had people calling in who ACTUALLY opined that Hillary "shouldn't" be president because a woman "shouldn't" be president.

I tried not to vomit my liver when I heard this. I almost didn't succeed.

I feel like Obama actually has a decent shot at this... frankly he is my first choice. It's to the point where I will ALMOST simply vote for the least experienced person, because I despise politicians and politics and don't trust a one of them. Of course, it doesn't hurt that my politics and Obama's line up well :)

Gino said...

but LF,
if you dislike politicians, and believe 85% of govt is corrupts, then why support a socialist expanded govt democrat of any name?

hillary wont do it. bill will do it for her.

and good to see you.

The Law Fairy said...

gino, all of our politicians are big-government politicians. It's simply a matter of the lesser of evils. The Republicans have proven in the last twelve years that all their rhetoric about "small government" is just that: empty lying rhetoric. Republicans don't want a small government until the Democrats are in charge.

Good to be here :)

Gino said...

ahh... good point, and one of the reasons why i became not-a-republican back in 96.

Stacy said...

I disagree with you Gino; I don't know a Dem who likes her; especially the men. Although having Bill in the White House again would be quite entertaining.