Sunday, January 21, 2007

What Really Matters

Two sausage pizzas: $27

12-pack of Rolling Rock: $9.49

Sharing it all with my son while watching Da Bears beat the Saints: Priceless.


Kal said...

Well, congrats. Beat the Colts... Please. (A football player shouldn't be in 50% of the ads on television at one time, it's just not right)

Anonymous said...

Da Bears going to the SuperBowl and they don't even have a rap video out; what would McMahon, the Fridge, et al think about this group of players.

Also, what's with the sausage pizza, seems pretty bland for a couple of Italians.


Mercy Now said...

Yes, it should be a good super bowl plus the fact that Levy used to work under Dungee in Tampa. I do think that Grossman has to perform well tho in order to beat the Colts.

Gino said...

kal: i think da bears are hungrier than the colts. they got the attitude, and they want it. that, and i think our D is meaner.

kingdavid: sausage is traditional. and gino jr didnt want the even more traditional anchovie.

mercy: i think the defense will strip the game from the colts, so grossman can relax and play his game.

i've labored for years to get to this point with my son, til he was 'old enough',by my own standards(not the law), and man enough, to do beer and have a good time on the same plane as myself.
a time to downplay father-son status, and just enjoy our time together as males.

Palm boy said...

Glad the saints got their clocks cleaned, they seems pretty arrogant.

hammerswing75 said...

I am undecided. No doubt a feeling will come upon me just in time to have the other team whoop them. It doesn't much matter because there will be a heckuva Super Bowl party goin' on.

kingdavid said...

Forget about all this football and super bowl talk; didn't you guys see that just recently the USA Men's Curling Team was named team of the year. That's what the celebration should be all about.

Gino said...

curling is for ice fairies.